Top 9 Content Marketing Tools of 2021

Top 9 Content Marketing Tools of 2021

Content Marketing is a type of marketing approach which is strategically focused on a technique of building and disseminating important, relevant and compatible content which will attract a particular defined audience, with an aim to drive profit from the actions of the customers. The main goal of content marketing is to provide as much value as they can to their target audience. It helps in making a digital marketing company into  a proper resource, where not only customers get to buy stuff but also it becomes the expert that provides trust and faith that all the customers need from the product or services the business provides.

Content marketing is initially done to make the customer aware of the brand  and help them to understand it better and build their trust  and later it can result in their sales which may bring profit to them. Brands use this method with the only purpose to make a call-to-action to their customers.

Content marketing can be unified by using content marketing tools, which will eventually help the brands or  digital marketing agencies to reach their marketing goals. Using efficient, and correct tools makes it far easier to make contents and strategically market them to the proper target audiences.


The 9 most important content marketing tools which are extremely beneficial in this digital era of 2021 are as follows:-


1)    CANVA- one of the most efficient tools of content marketing is surely Canva specially with its search engine facilities where it searches for signs of whether the content is meaningful or not and ranks its engagement capacity. For any type of content, images, videos, infographics and lists are the most vital ones. It is the easiest platform where videos  and images and any other sort of graphics can be made, also there are several templates which can be used to boost the traffic and converse better. Anything can be designed using canva, so for content marketers it is the ebay tool to use for making graphic designs for their brands, high quality articles as well as paid advertisements to reach a larger audience. It is extremely brand friendly.


Content marketers need Canva to:

?     To add graphics individually to each of their brands easily.

?     To create content with high graphic quality.

?     Content marketers have more than hundreds of templates for each requirement .


2)    AnswerThePublic- This is one such tool where people generally tend to use the keywords mostly and based on that they ask questions, often it is seen full with lists of questions. It will show the audience everything they have searched for and provide them with several content ideas which will be according to their interest.


.  AnswerThePublic can be used by content marketers to:

?     To observe what kind of questions customer avatar is asking

?      To clarify what are the main pain points a brand’s customer avatar has.

?     Create content according to the needs and requirements of the customer avatar.

3)QUORA-  Quora is almost the same as AnswerThePublic.  It actually puts the content marketer into the minds of the customer avatar. Here one can find more than hundreds of questions which have been asked by people in different scenarios. In quora we can f=simply write our questions and people from all over the world have different answers to it and the content can be made using these valuable answers.

Quora helps content marketers:

?     In managing the problems the customer avatar has.

?     Ensure to make content of a very high quality so that all questions are well answered.

?     One can get more recognition if their brands post all the questions asked to them  on quora.


4) GOOGLE TRENDS- It  is a free tool which shows us  what the public think or care about in the present scenario. Specific types of high-performing  ideas  for content based on  the current trends and  news.using tracking on their devices.


Use Google Trends to:

?     To keep a track of the most  trending things in the  industry

Then one can put  that in AnswerThePublic or Quora to get the answers of all the questions asked.

?     Then content  has to be created which  answers the important questions of the customer avatar .


5)HEMINGWAY EDITOR- Using this tool content marketers can usually copy and then paste all kinds of written contents like articles, copy etc into Hemingway Editor as it helps the audience making the content readable, avoiding the use of  a lot many adverbs, passive voice, to make it easy to read. It also helps in using the most appropriate word for the contents which are usually interesting and avoid big words. Hemingway Editor helps content marketers of the marketing company:

        Use Hemingway Editor :

?     To keep their content interesting

?     Helps content marketos to become well known for their  high-quality, enjoyable content

6)GRAMMARLY- . This is one such tool which is highly recommended by content writers all over the world because of its very unique facilities it provides.It now only checks the grammar, spelling errors in the content but also makes sure that the sentences and phrases are well constructed, if not it suggests better constructed sentences to be used . It also provides an update on the quality of the content written.

Use Grammarly to:

?      To fix grammatical and  spelling errors in  writings.

?     Improve the quality of the sentence.

?      Helps in editing the  content based on the requirement of  the market.

7)SEMRUSH-It is one the best tools content marketers must use strategically to bring boost, traffic, engagement and subscription to their content. SEMRush is  a very popular tool among content marketers. With SEMRush,  , marketing agencies can keep a track of the total views and also it helps in gaining more views to our content.

SEMRush is great for content marketing because:

?     In SEMRush, SEO audits can be run and also keep a track of SERP positions.

?     It helps in making the content SEO-friendly before publishing.

?     Also keeps a track of the traffic and analytics other  websites

8) GOOGLE ANALYTICS- It is a content marketing tool which is used to  set up  a website .When the content marketers write proper contents  google analytics helps in keeping the track of total pages and their views and also the source of traffic and demographics, etc.


Use Google Analytics to:

?     Analyse  how much traffic the  content is receiving.

?     Observe the click-through rate on different types of content

?     To understand  the main traffic sources of the content.


9)MONDAY-  Monday will help the content marketing teams to make sure that they  publish all the important ideas.  With Monday, one can create their editorial calendar, assign tasks, and add updates to each task .

        Content marketers love Monday because:

?      They can create an editorial calendar with their team.

?    Assigning tasks to team members  and keeping track easily to avoid extra communication.

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