The importance of memes to add some humour to a social media page.

The importance of memes to add some humour to a social media page.

Meme as a low-cost content
To begin with, a meme is an important feature of digital marketing and on social media
platforms as it is a low-cost way to engage an audience with effective content which attracts
the masses. In a time where many people skip valuable ads, a meme is a great way to engage
this hard-to-reach audience through humour and satire. The meme can be great content to get
more customers and it is also inexpensive as the company, brand, influencer, or digital
marketer that would use the meme, do not have to create a video or picture, thus saving time.
All they have to do is, to take an existing video or picture and write a new punch line or
caption in it and this increases the return on investment as it is free.
Meme as a sense of belonging
By taking the form of GIFs, pictures, or even videos, memes bring a sense of belonging to an
audience. It brings this sense of belongingness through familiar theme, meaning and which is
culturally relevant to a particular audience. It evokes thoughts and feelings of the audience as
through a meme a specific audience can relate to a particular situation. If the followers of the
company or brand enjoy it, it will attract them to be permanently a part of the company’s
audience and may even get the company or brand new followers, customers, or subscribers.
Memes as a way to increase the traffic of a brand
A meme is also an effective way to reach a broader audience encompassing geographical
locations, ethnic groups, and cultures. By sharing a particular meme to which a particular
audience can relate, the latter becomes viral on the internet thus getting more audience which
is a great way to make more profits. When a person relates to a meme, the latter also tags his
or her friends thus again gaining more audience and likes along. Through a meme, a person
can discover a specific brand and if he or she likes it, the latter will support your brand.
To conclude memes are undoubtedly a humorous way to connect people and widen an online
community as it is inexpensive, it creates a sense of belonging and increases the traffic of a
brand. But at the same time memes need to be used in such a way that their full advantages
can be taken to produce high-quality content. To create a meme for a particular brand few
factors need to be taken care of. The first one is to know the audience of the brand or the
social media page. For example, if the brand is targeting adolescents the memes have to be
different from the ones targeting older adults.
The next guideline to use a meme effectively is to know the memes, that is the brand or the
digital marketer has to have a good knowledge of memes in a bid to create more relatable
content. Thirdly it is mostly advised to use a meme that is already popular and which is easily
understood by the audience. And last but the least is to know how to integrate the memes on

the particular social media page by being relevant in terms of what is more trending at the

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