Some of the remarkable outcomes that have come to the limelight because of steady growth of content marketing are:

?    The amount of content created is exceeding the demand. There is a large amount of content ready beforehand for different occasions and purposes.

?    It has become hard to surprise the consumers. Living in the digital era they are exposed to every idea and content around the world. Thus, content creators have to be more creative in their approach.

?    Competition is getting harder, especially with big budget content marketing teams. More they start making content in the particular niche, the expectation standards go higher.


What does the future have for content marketing? Will it cease to exist in no time?

 We have come across the phrase, “Content is King”. In the world of digital marketing, content plays a pivotal role to win the hearts of the customers. The content composed of creativity and uniqueness will rule the digital world forever.


Provided below are some of the growing content marketing trends might lead in future:


Topical Authority will replace keyword search.

Depth of expertise will be more emphasised by Google than other relevant factors here. For link building, in the SEO landscape, content marketing will look beyond backlinking now.

Google will reward your content, not for using just one keyword, but how well the keyword fits the context.

To win over this trend, one must provide evidence of their knowledge about the topic by publishing long content on the website. Instead of posting random content, the content must revolve around the pillar pages. The pillar pages, shall offer a basic idea or foundation for expertise on specific topics.



Value-driven content will climb the top.

As said earlier, in the digital era, the customers are exposed to several kinds of content.With many options, people will be very selective of the content they buy. They would not share their details or contact with businesses with poor or mediocre content, so businesses need to present their value immediately, in a witty, subtle and creative manner.


Hence, content marketers tend to keep their thinking caps on always and be unique with their creations.


Content marketing serves the purpose of presenting the brands to the customers in a new way and with a new approach bringing value to the consumers apart from the product.


To create valuable content, the foremost important thing to do by the marketer is to study well about the target audience, their demands, how they wish to interact, their opinions, what will compel them to voluntarily come up to you. While promoting themselves businesses in their content can choose to offer practical suggestions instead of highlighting what the product or service can do.


Always keep in mind the needs and benefits of the end customers while producing the content. This will not only help in growing the brand’s reputation, but also help in positioning the brands in specific spots in the audiences’ minds.


Content is going to become more interactive, engaging and maybe fun!

So, to catch the attention of the customers, being formal, straightforward and apparently dull is not a good choice! Mainly on this digital platform where most people of this genZ era show up primarily for relaxation and entertainment.


To approach to one’s audiences in this digital world the content style must be interactive- How to keep interactive? While making the content, the creator should maintain a simple language, he can look up to the most popular words/slangs used by the maximum population of the target group. Thus, keep up a conversational style in his/her content.


Further, the creators can resort to the trending shows, memes, songs to grab more and more attention of their audience on social media.This will make their contents engaging, humorous and sometimes viral.


The laughter, fun, or change of  POV they get from such content- will make them remember the brand and they would look forward to you and might become potential customers.


User experience will leave a mark!

Google focuses on user experience rather than on the use of keywords aiming to create a pleasant web experience. A wonderful user experience does not consist only of how your page looks,the appearance, transitions you added etc. It also includes how the customers felt communicating with your brand through your online presence, what are the takeaways that ensures they would return to you and many more.


While attempting to make high quality content, one must not ignore other basic factors of the web page such as speed the page takes to load, the size and position of images, the font colours according to the background that must go with the idea your company reflects and also the mobile responsiveness of the page.


People wish to communicate on 1-to-1 now, to make sure of your reliability. Especially in the COVID times where empathy plays a major role here, reflecting the idea you care for them and are available to solve their queries even in these tough times gives out a halo effect for your brand thus ensuring more and more customers and growing brand loyalty.


As technology is advancing, so are the customers to your business. The customers are not only growing in number but intellect as well. So, sticking to one content tactic or idea will not do. To be at par with the competitors and communicate with the audience at the same time your business needs to evolve with time.


Thus, to conclude we may say, content marketing is immortal but the tactics, techniques, ideas have to evolve with time for a business to sustain itself.




Will content marketing perish one day? No, in the rapidly evolving digital era, “Content is the King”. To make your brands’ product or your brand itself presentable to your audience, you need well designed content that communicates to them in the way they wish to communicate, you are expected to know your audiences well to create effective online content. User Experience plays a pivotal role here.

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