What makes a B2B Content Marketing strategy?

A B2B Content must not fail to inspire the urge to reciprocate so that the audience thinks of you first when they think of growing their business over your competitors. Your content strategy is very important for you to gain affordable organic leads and stand out from the crowd.


B2B content requires more complex planning and joining the dots and many decision making processes for building trust and connecting with the audiences


While planning a B2B content for your business, make sure you keep in mind the following:


?   Align with stakeholders.

?   Gaining internal and external followers interested in new marketing.

?   Manage skills and talents on your team.

?   Build compelling Business cases.


Why does your B2B Content marketing strategy need to be rescued?

Content failure sometimes comes up because of misalignment and absence of the materials in your content that the audience came looking for.


It is at this time, your content needs a lifeboat to prevent sinking. One needs a plan of action now and be focussed on daily workflow.


 Here is what to do:


Respect the Value exchange:

The content and the value needs to build sufficient trust and credibility amidst the audience and ultimately lead you up in their perspective. This will also improve the chances for exchanges.


How about introducing a customer feedback loop?

Deliberate with your sales team and jot down the common queries and responses from your customers. Find the most effective ones and use them in facebook and other social networking sites , content topic ideations and CTAs.

Secondly, listening is an art, so use the skill of SOCIAL LISTENING. Observe and make a note of their opinion about your brand on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Quora. What is the buzz brewing around your brand? Is there any specific question that needs to be answered instantly or a rumour or doubt that needs to be quickly resolved? Find and address them at the nick of time, before they spread like forest fire and grow into crisis.


Try tackling difficult topics

Always consider offering a different point of view. Look beyond educating and making the audience aware and show them what the future of their brand looks like, the idea of including the audiences in the success scenario.


Existing blogs might cover the basic topics, but a new perspective is what your niche seems to need to grow. So, dive deep into research and find out how to solve some of the specific problems.


Improve your Keyword Research.

Always try to target keywords based on the data, instead of choosing them as per search volume. Very often we come across personas and verticals where the REAL keywords are missing. This hits hard on your results as most of these pages do not receive the organic traffic even though being an awesome article.


When you are trying to make your article to fit the audience’s needs, you have two choices to make. Must you focus on creating new content or optimize the old existing ones?


The answer is simple! When you already have some quality content, start by optimising them, after being done with it, continue with creating new content. Further, go for deep keyword research and look for opportunities in each of your top blogs to rank them better.


Once you fulfil these, your content is ready for your audience, and it ought be as they wish! Therefore, now you can step forward to save your B2B context strategy.


What follows Next?


Now you have to expand the depth of your content to give out an elaborate description of the topics. Make sure that:

?    One should maintain an ample word count for their content to compete with the already ranking pages. This does not mean to overcrowd your content, to make it look messy. The content must cover additional sub topics with detailed information that other pages don’t give.

?    It is observed that the businesses which post or blog 11+ times welcome more organic traffic than those which post 2-3times per month.

?    Don’t go for longer-tailed keywords, since they narrow your niche. Opt for short-tailed keywords instead. After gaining audiences’ attention, level yourself up with higher volume keywords, to leave a mark.



Two more milestones to cross, and your content marketing strategy is ready to fly high.

?    Plan  your content for each stage of the funnel- TOFU( Top Of The Funnel) to be organised to bring in more traffic and increase brand awareness. MOFU( Middle of the Funnel) to offer help and guidance to those who need their doubts and queries to be answered to make them trust your expertise and authenticity. BOFU(Bottom of the funnel) meets the audience at the exit point of your page when he/she is on the decision to make the purchase. BOFU ensures to finalise the deal and win the trust of the customer, as why choose you over the others in the market?

?    Relevant CALL TO ACTION  are the final arrows here. You should carefully place your CTAs on your content, so that it is more approachable to the audiences. Don’t always place it at the end of the content, if you want your audience to access them. Make sure to use appropriate and proper terms to evoke the urgency in them to choose you.

Your traffic will surely rise if you follow these strategies to rescue your drowning ship of your B2B content marketing.



Very often our content marketing strategies fail to cater the expected amount of traffic despite sharing good quality content. It is at this time one must change their regular strategies and focus on rescuing your B2B content marketing with new and better ones.

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