LinkedIn turning into the second Facebook: How to Dominate the Hottest Social Platform?

LinkedIn turning into the second Facebook: How to Dominate the Hottest Social Platform?

Which one has turned out to be the hottest social media platform right now? Yes, that’s right LinkedIn! With LinkedIn you get options to delete messages you have already sent, (what a life savior this feature is, have to agree on this one) live video broadcasting, designing the overall layout and many more features.

These are the reasons why several people believe that LinkedIn has changed itself to something that can be referred to as the second Facebook (figuratively not literally!)

Also the fact that the organic reach of this platform is super high (Oh! What a delight for any business). The main point is for any new brand that wants to grow and reach its audience effectively, they must be present on LinkedIn, not only that their presence must be felt by their audience. (Who would have guessed that once a website that focused on just recruitment and job-seekers, would successfully transform itself into the hottest platform, yup most of us never thought about this.)

Trust us when we tell you this if for any reason your brand does not have a profile on LinkedIn you are missing out on so many opportunities that will help you to achieve your digital marketing agency. However if you are already using LinkedIn then you might have realized that although the opportunities are vast, we must tap the right one for our brand. (Tapping the right one is no joke) this process will get even more challenging as the platform known as LinkedIn will get even more crowded by each passing day and soon the supply of content will hit the ceiling. You probably are thinking how do we bypass this?

We have got 9 tips which will help you to dominate LinkedIn (or maybe Facebooked LinkedIn, should we call it that?)

The more the better (content):-

It is not surprising that there are several people who are scared of putting themselves out in front of others (we can also term this as shyness or being awkward)

It's ok we understand that it can be really difficult but try not to be one of them. Publish daily on LinkedIn preferably more than 1 post at least two posts.

Engagement with others content is important:-

React to everyone’s post, 2 live thoughtful comments which will encourage others to interact with your post as well on LinkedIn. (Win-win situation)

Not just LinkedIn but cross promote it on other platforms as well.

Let us assume that your presence is really big on Facebook, Twitter, and even on Instagram. You must promote your LinkedIn profile and post on platforms where you already have gained a large audience.

Built more relevant connections:-

Don't just add anyone and everyone to your circle, it is precious so be careful. Build connections that are meaningful and relevant for your brand.

You must have CTA in your posts:-

Remember your post on LinkedIn must have an objective. An objective that will be able to get the desired action from your audience. Try to tell them what it is that you expect from them like a post, comment, or maybe send your DM. (Telling them what to do and how they might benefit from this is going to be a better option)

Story time!:-

If you are someone who is very active on social media platforms, you might have noticed that posts that tell a story do really well in metrics. (Likes, comments and shares) do the same with your LinkedIn profile, whatever you post you must share the message in it in the form of a story.

Test different content formats:-

We have mostly heard people say that text-based posts do really well on LinkedIn however you must conduct your own research or test. Go for videos, images and text play with all of them, see what works the best for you and your brand.

Optimization of your profile:-

Make sure that you have a really good display and background picture or cover photo as you may call it. Come up with the killer headline for different sections, always remember your goal is to get people’s attention. Fill in all the available fields and provide as much relevant information as possible (information regarding your company and yourself).

If you're confused about this and you don't know how to go about it, then we suggest you hire a digital marketing agency with profile optimization.

Care about all your connections:-

Yes, we grew up hearing this since childhood that all of our connections are important. In fact it is very important even in terms of business. This might sound very cliché and wait for most of us but it’s actually worth a mention. If engagement is what you are aiming for you must speak things that they care about even if it is not really interesting according to you (speak about things that are interesting to them not only just you because your aim is to get their attention and to be in their good books)

Let us take the first step today itself! Shall we?

These were our top 9 tips on how you can have a really wonderful grip on LinkedIn this year.

Take the first step today and post something really engaging. Something that even the audience are drawn towards. You must a consistent and you will get to see fruitful results (the desired goals for your company)

Stay very focused and you will see all the best opportunities working out for your company. Whether you are building a brand generating leads, our clients, or customers, LinkedIn promises great results. If it is like you are stuck and need help then we suggest that you hire an expert in this field Reach out to Turiya Communications, check out our website, see what our clients have to say about the services we provided, let us help you with the vision for your company. Mail us at (Monday to Saturday)

We hope you found this information very helpful and stay tuned for more.

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