In Digital Marketing- Content is king

In Digital Marketing- Content is king

This is the digital age we are living in and we just can’t ignore the raging impact of an insightful engaging content nowadays. In January 1996, Bill Gates wrote an essay which is titled  “Content is the King”, which was published on Microsoft Website. He also says that “content is where I expect much of the real money will be made on the internet, just as it was in broadcasting”. Business owners these days use this power of the content in their websites and blogs to influence potential consumers. The power of content marketing can be recognized from this fact: in 2016 more than 90% of businesses decided to turn to content marketing realizing the impact of this tool. Content marketing will always remain relevant to promote your business. Content marketing is not just about digital marketing, the digital dimension plays an increasing role as “digital” sources become more important in the buyer journey, the customer lifecycle and – most importantly – customer behaviour and preferences overall.

Content marketing key Goals-

  • Great SEO Results: When you produce extraordinary content, Google will help you to put your page in front of the best results.

  • Generate More Website Traffic: If you go on to create engaging content, a considerable amount of traffic will come pouring down on your website.

  • Lead Generation: Content is a great way to generate leads to your business. Nowadays, people have access to several tools and resources, which allow them to reach better content. Therefore, if you have good rich content, potential customers are on their way to you.

  • Brand Awareness: Good content means relatively informative content that speaks of your brand. Therefore, a brand image is created before even purchase is made.

  • Drive Sales: The better your content signifies, the more your lead generation is. These potential leads eventually go on to become potential customers. So, insightful content is a must-have in this digital evolution.

  • More Brand Visibility: Your business will get into the notice of the people when you will do something to stand out in the crowd and in this aspect, only creative content will be able to get you to that place.

  • Be Credible: Continuous posting of relevant content with information that contributes to the netizens will establish you and your business a credible source and a reliable service provider.

Content Marketing channels & platforms- An integrated content marketing strategy is more efficient using a mix of channels and media platforms.

Media Channels & platforms

  • Owned, such as your website and blog.

  • Earned, essentially where others talk about you.

  • Shared, such as community-driven platforms and content.

  • Paid, media where you pay to appear in front of consumers.

  • Converged, where everything gets connected again from our integrated perspective.

In the past, marketing was governed by advertising. Businesses would buy space in magazines or buy airtime on television to bring brands right into your home. But now things have changed. People are passionate consumers of information and want to know more, especially about services or products they want to engage in. This is where content marketing becomes relevant because content marketing is about creating useful and relevant information to attract people to your website and convert them to leads.

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