How to Promote Any Event on Social Media Platforms? Follow the Steps Below and Get Creative.

How to Promote Any Event on Social Media Platforms? Follow the Steps Below and Get Creative.

Social media is the most powerful tool anyone can use to gain global exposure, whether you are hosting an online event or a physical conference. It is one of the hassle-free and user-friendly ways to create a buzz about any upcoming event.

Nowadays, most of the target audience can be found on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and linked-In. If you run your social media promotion well, you should well be covered.

Promote your event on social media platforms. Follow the top points below:

  1. Set up a Creative Event Page on Facebook: An event page is a great way to let your audience know what is happening and where it is taking place. The discussion part of the event is a significant space to post announcements or answer questions. Spread the word out about exclusive pre-sale codes or share the set times for a concert there.

  2. Create an Engaging Post with Pictures: A properly used picture is worth 1000 words and has the potential of engaging your target audience. The images can include event venue, last year’s moments, behind the curtain work etc.

  3. Generate Interesting Event Hash-tag: A specialized hash-tag for your event can increase social buzz, participation and even boost attendance. Hashtags must be short and discernable if you look forward to leveraging the maximum potential of social media for your event promotion. Spread it everywhere -your event website, dedicated emails, social networks, and the event’s mobile app. The hash-tag is relatively an extraordinary way for your attendees to engage with the event content, speakers, and each other.

  4. Create a Landing Page for your Event: Certainly, if you want your audience to look for more details, you will have to create a landing page. This page must be filed with event-related information like why the event is being organized, last year’s success stories, event pass, place and others.

  5. Post Teasers: This technique works like wildfire in terms of spreading your event on social media platforms. A teaser video consisting of snippets from previous years can attract the potential audience. 

  6. Promote Your Event ASAP: Do not ever delaying in promoting your event on all major social media platforms. The earlier you initiate promoting your event and your event hash-tag, the chances of success are highly increased. Promoting early creates momentum and take you to a larger audience. Start promoting the event at least 6-8 weeks in advance to ensure a wider reach.

  7. Live Stream Your Activities: The more ways you give your audience to engage, the better it will be for you. It is found that at least 30% of your viewers are found be to attending the following year. In case of live-streaming, Facebook and Instagram are useful tools. 

  8. Run Social Media Contests: Social Media contests work quite well when it comes to promoting an event. Create a Hash-tag contest by asking a question that’s related to your event, and ask your audience to tweet out the answer by including your hashtag. This helps drive awareness for your event. You must be creative and quirky by offering discounts/ free tickets to the contest winners.

  9. Choose Correct Social Media Platforms: It is important to choose the best social media platforms for your event promotion. For example, you might not want to promote your corporate event on Snapchat or your college-meet on Linked In. While choosing the platforms, you will have to make sure that the posts are created in that way. E.g. Instagram story size, Facebook post size, IG TV videos, etc.

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