How to make Career in Wildlife Photography ? - ft. Miss Aarzoo Khurana

How to make Career in Wildlife Photography ? - ft. Miss Aarzoo Khurana

Having second thoughts about career in wildlife photography ? You are at a correct place because here you are going to find how to make career from a passion .

In this episode of TuriyaTalks we talked upon the career option of becoming a wildlife photographer with Miss Aarzoo Khurana, an internationally acclaimed wildlife photographer.

Wildlife photography is a genre of photography concerned with documenting various forms of wildlife in their natural habitat. As well as requiring photography skills, wildlife photographers may need field craft skills.

Having a passion is like it needs to be followed clearly. Miss Khurana balances her career and her passion. She is a determined advocate and a passionate wildlife photographer. She talked about the fact that ‘With a camera one can actually capture a moment and freeze it for a lifetime which otherwise is not possible with the naked eyes’ this is what attracted her to photography and that’s how her journey began. She shared a little bit of her experience before entering in this field. A person needs to do some research before photographing and about a lot of stuff.

The session was over with a piece of golden words, ‘many a times people miss few important shots and there is no guarantee for anyone that they will get the desired shot, so people need to be mentally prepared for it. When someone is a wildlife photographer he/she becomes the voice of the jungle and that a person is actually connecting the worlds’ of both inside and outside the jungle.

In accordance with her, “Wildlife Photography is a beautiful field to work in and the more one will stay close to nature the more he/she will feel rejuvenated”.


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