How to fight lifestyle diseases and stay fit for a better future?  - ft. Dr. Rahul Jain

How to fight lifestyle diseases and stay fit for a better future? - ft. Dr. Rahul Jain

Lifestyle diseases are diseases linked with the way people live their life. These are non-communicable diseases. This is commonly caused by lack of physical activity, unhealthy eatingalcoholdrugs and smoking. Diseases that mostly have an effect on our lifestyle are heart disease, stroke, obesity and type II diabetes.

In this episode of TuriyaTalks season 3, we had Dr. Rahul Jain, MBBS MD, General Medicine, Consultant Physician and Diabetologist amongst us discussing on “Lifestyle Diseases – Being fit for a better future”.

Our country is undergoing a rapid transition in health over the last few years, where we can treat Covid-19 as a blessing in disguise, as people are locked down for months in their residence and are taking care of their health more precisely.

The incubation period of lifestyle diseases starts at a very young age when a child demands chocolate from their parent which is normal but leads to diseases like Diabetes, high blood pressure, and fatty liver in the future. All these are related to each other and this takes a toll on our physical health and surrounds a person, which in turn leads to heart diseases and even strokes. Lack of physical activity, insulin resistance in our body, and consumption of high-calorie food are the root cause of acquiring these diseases.

Many people in our country suffer from obesity and consult different doctors for remedies and follow their prescribed instructions to stay fit and healthy. Dr. Jain said – “Only exercising doesn’t help in reducing weight”. It is noticed that the youth in our country is addicted to smoking and consuming alcohol which is the leading cause of liver problems, hypertension, heart attacks and even increases the chances of having strokes.

Dr. Jain recommends doing yoga, brisk walking, and intake of low-calorie food for the continuation of a healthy lifestyle and avoiding aerated drinks, high-calorie snacks, smoking, and consuming alcohol regularly. By following these steps, we can lead a healthy life and minimize the risk of being affected by chronic lifestyle diseases.


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