Twitter is an outstanding outlet for dissemination of information during major events across the world. But it can also be used by many companies or agencies like digital marketing agencies to find more leads using Twitter’s advanced search.

Here we are gonna brief on what advanced search queries are and how digital marketing agencies can use them to generate more leads for themselves.




?     It helps to narrow down the searches and look into the specific type of users you want for your agency .

?     To narrow down the search you can include location, interest and more .

?     Helps to find users who are talking about digital marketing agencies or your agency without tagging you or any other agency .

?     On your desktop screen you will find ‘Twitter’s search panel’ on the right hand side of the screen and at the bottom of the mobile screen you will see an icon of magnifying glass used to search basic things such as hashtags and users .

?     If you search for a company say ‘Malabar’ then you will be able to see accounts related to the search, top tweets, comment using that keyword .


There are millions of tweets each day and Twitter’s advanced search helps to narrow down your search and find what you as a digital marketing agency is looking for.




1.    Function of it using the search bar :


The advanced search option of Twitter is a bit more complicated than the normal search options. Twitter’s advanced search option can only be accessed through websites or web apps as of now, it can not be accessed from phone or tablet through the Twitter app we see.


2.    Sentiment searching in Twitter :


While doing sentiment searching you will understand what type of keywords people use and why they are using them through natural language processing(NLP). Such searches can be categorised as positive, negative or neutral. Knowing this will help your digital marketing agency to figure out the needs of their potential customers.


You can either do this on your own or by purchasing a program to run complete NLP analysis on Twitter. While doing this yourself you can search for happy or sad or punctuations combined with your search keywords.


Doing this helps you to know the type of questions people are asking about your digital marketing agency or other digital marketing agencies. To understand the questions go through each tweet.


If someone is asking questions on digital marketing agencies, they could be looking for its success or planning to start one or they could be also looking to buy marketing services or ask totally unrelated questions. Whatever it will be, it still helps to find users looking for your help or services after the search is narrowed down.


Answering these questions generally turns out to be helpful in getting leads for your digital marketing agency. This method is very much helpful in case of local brands.


3.    Using geolocation in your search filters :


Using location filters you can get tweets of even faraway places, be it any country or city. This is very vital for local digital marketing companies, where they can target leads right within their area. While searching just add in ‘near:(name of the country or city)’ and ‘within:(the distance till which you want to look upto)’ and you will get the tweets from that specific location.


The location filters while searching creates a radius around the place which is specified within the ‘near’ filter.

For your digital marketing company you can now find anyone or any agency who are looking to get digital marketing services and send them to your business. To do this you need to enter keywords related to your company such as ‘digital marketing agencies’ and add ‘near:(name of the country or city)’ and ‘within:(the distance till which you want to look upto)’ to find your local customers.


Finding new customers can be easy like this.


For good online reputation and credibility of your digital marketing agency, you can always help users by providing answers to their questions like ‘how digital marketing is useful for a business?’

Sentiment searching can help your company to get an insight on what people are saying about your company as well as your competitors.


If you find a customer unsatisfied with some features of your competitor’s product or service, then quickly tweet them with relevant details about your company’s services. You should often dive into online conversations and give your own opinion to create an engaging relation with the users of Twitter.


4.    Using usernames in search panel to track Twitter mentions :


You can get leads for digital marketing by doing username searches to track mentions. While doing this you have to add ‘to:’ or ‘from:’ before the username.


If ‘to:’ is used before the username then it reveals all the tweets sent to the user, whereas if ‘from:’ is used before the username then it reveals all the tweets the user has sent out. Now you would probably like to use this option more to search the tweets of your competitors, but not yours.


Now if you want to see if anyone has any question for you, say on ‘digital marketing’ then you have to use digital marketing as the keyword and add it to a ‘to:’ and then search.


5.    Twitter Advanced Searches of yours can be saved :


In Twitter 25 searches per account can be saved. To do this you will find three dots on the right hand side of your desktop screen, after clicking on that you will get the ‘Save search’ option, select that. That way you can see the people who are sharing your posts.


6.    Irrelevant search results can be excluded using Twitter Advanced Search :


To use this feature you have to add the “-” symbol before the keyword, filter or username you don’t want to see results while searching.


7.    Using or creating proper hashtags for searching :


Use of proper hashtags can make you build your own filter for the digital marketing company to get more leads.


Use a hashtag you have created that is branded and very creative and add it to the majority of your posts to get more leads for your digital marketing company.


8.    Twitter’s Advanced Search function on web :


The actual Advanced Search function is not available in the Twitter phone based app, it is only available on the Twitter website. You can also access this website through the browser in your mobile phone.


Beside the search bar on Twitter website you will see three dots, on clicking that you will get an advanced search option, choose it for advanced searching.

This option will take you to a form, where a variety of things can be done. You need to scroll a few times to see all the available options for advanced searching.


From all the options you can choose as many filters you want before searching. But to use the distance option as in to see local customers or shops near you, you need to use the regular search bar. It is always good to narrow down your search to get the more recent leads for your business.




Start connecting with the users after you are done filtering your searches to the types of tweets you are looking for.


?     Respond to the questions of the Twitter user whether the question is directed at you or not. Respond with a relevant answer, this helps in people engagement in your digital marketing agency.

?     After identifying your leads head to their profile and follow them. It is good if they follow back this brings further engagement which can be done more efficiently.

?     After responding to the user, add a link to your digital marketing website, only if it is relevant to their question. This will make you seem more an expert than a salesperson.

?     Add a link of your digital marketing website to the first response and just answer the follow-up questions, only add a link to your website if it is necessary to expand on the answer.


Be sure to stay connected with your leads and continue to engage with them over time. Now, if you don’t have time to do all this yourself, Turiya Communications LLP is here to help you with that.

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