How can I drive traffic to my website from LinkedIn?

How can I drive traffic to my website from LinkedIn?

One should not forget that LinkedIn can be a great help as a social network for
B2B marketers. Our internal findings suggest that more than 60% of people are driven to a
company’s website through LinkedIn and this traffic can be converted into leads and sales.
Let’s now see some basic steps on how to drive traffic to a business website from LinkedIn.
Share the maximum amount of content- As a matter of fact, after creating a LinkedIn profile
and optimizing the profile by explaining what is the company about, what it does, and put all
necessary contact information, it is time to share content that will help to drive traffic to the
company’s website. A content that one can share is blogs that are relevant to the same
industry as the company. In case one has a blog section on the company’s website, the latter
can add the link on the post so that it redirects the traffic to the website. Another content that
one can share is industry news as the latter can help others.
Join relevant groups- Sharing content is one thing but the same content paving its way to the
targeted audience is something else. So, it is of utmost importance to reach the audience one
is targeting to be able to drive traffic to the particular website. To be able to do this, one can
join some groups that are relevant to one’s industry which will, in turn, drive productive and
relevant traffic to the desired company’s website. In these groups, one will find people whose
ideas and values they share and who are interested in the same industry.
Create a group- After the first and second steps, one can start creating his or her group. One
can become the admin of a group and start accepting the invitation requests of other people
who want to be a part of the group but most importantly who are in the same industry. This
can help a person to establish himself or herself as an expert in a particular field. The larger
and more active the group is, the more traffic the person can drive to its website.
Sponsoring your content- Posting relevant content on your Linkedin profile is one thing, but
making them reach people is another thing. So, to make your content’s visibility high, it is
advised to have an attractive thumbnail, have a catchy headline to prompt your audience to
click on your profile, and lastly interact with your connections so that they share your content
with their audience too.
Add work samples- Another way to drive traffic to a business website is by optimizing the
company’s profile with work samples. This will bring more credibility to the company and
show what kind of work the company did till now and the achievements of the latter also.
On a concluding note, it is a fact that to stay in the game and establish your online presence,
digital marketing is primordial. Online presence boils down to two things: traffic and
conversions. This is where Linkedin can help you, as the site is full of business decision-
makers, potential clients, and experts from your industry who can help you reach your end.
So, use LinkedIn to the maximum by using the above mention tricks.

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