Here Is All You Need To Know About Twitter's New Audio Tweets

Here Is All You Need To Know About Twitter's New Audio Tweets

Twitter is one of the most popular social media platforms to have ever existed. Since it arrived in 2006, the platform has irreversibly shaped the way we chronicle and consume current events, engage with celebrities and popular culture, and start conversations ourselves. While it has long been held up as a platform that has figuratively enabled millions of people to have a voice, the service just unveiled a feature that will literally allow its users to get their voices heard.

On June 17, a company blog post announced that Twitter is starting to roll out audio tweets, allowing users to post content consisting of a recorded voice message. 

Immediately, the internet went abuzz with the newly launched feature that may just change the way we speak to each other online! Although the audio tweet feature is currently only available to some iOS users, Twitter will be soon rolling it out for all its users. 

So let us understand a bit more about this revolutionary feature of one of our favourite social media platforms:

What Is An Audio Tweet?

An audio tweet is... exactly what it sounds like! Rather than type out 280 characters, the new feature lets you record an audio message on Twitter by selecting the new wavelength icon when you compose a tweet. Each audio tweet can last 140 seconds, and if you go over the allotted 2 minutes and 20 seconds, Twitter will automatically create another audio message to start a thread. 

To give context to the audio tweet through an additional typed message or just a string of emoji, you will be able to add text to your audio tweet like embedded videos. Additionally, on iOS only, the audio playback will start in a new window at the bottom of your timeline, like other Twitter videos. Therefore, you will be able to listen to the audio and continue scrolling through your newsfeed. 

Why Do Voice Tweets Matter?

The human voice is one of the strongest tools that we, as human beings, have to communicate a message. The sound of the human voice instantly resonates with everybody whose ears it reaches. Moreover, there is a completely additional layer of expression that cannot be communicated through text in the same vein that it can be communicated using the human voice.


With the introduction of voice tweets, Twitter users now have the opportunity to tap into the emotionally resonant power of the human voice. The new feature is meant to “add a more human touch” to your Twitter experience, according to the company’s blog post. It offers an entirely new range of capabilities for users who want to recount an experience, tells a joke, shares their story, or make their voice heard.

However, some have criticized this new audio feature due to a lack of accessibility for users who are deaf or hard-of-hearing. Currently, it does not include users to add closed captioning to their audio tweets. Twitter Support responded to a tweet saying, “This is an early version of this feature. Making these types of Tweets accessible to everyone is important and we’re exploring ways to make that happen.” However, they have not specified when or how additional accessibility features will be added.

How to Record A Voice Tweet?

Tweeting your voice on Twitter using the platform’s new voice tweet feature is easy and intuitive. Here is how to tweet your voice: 

  1. Open the tweet composer just like you would if you were about to craft a standard text Tweet.

  2. If the feature has been enabled for your account, you will notice a new wavelength icon that has been integrated at the bottom of the tweet composer. 

  3. Tap the new wavelength icon, and you will be presented with a pop-up screen that displays your profile photo above a record button. 

  4. Tap the record button, speak into your microphone, and Twitter will record your voice. 

  5. Tap the pause button once you are finished recording your voice and post your voice tweet.

NOTE: Currently, you can only record voice Tweets as original Tweets. It is not possible to Tweet with audio through replies or Retweets with Comment.

Listening to voice tweets is much the same as reading regular text tweets. When an account you follow tweets or retweets a voice tweet, it will appear directly in your timeline amongst other text tweets. To play a voice tweet, you simply have to tap on the image. Once you do, a new window will be docked at the bottom of your screen, so that you can listen to, pause, and resume the voice tweet while you continue to scroll through the rest of your timeline.


The Bottom Line

As the voice tweet feature is gradually rolled out and becomes more widely used, we will likely begin to see voice tweets being harnessed as a robust medium for audio advertising campaigns, cutting-edge journalistic endeavours, talent showcases, experimental storytelling, and more.

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