E-Conferences, E-Events Are the New Normal for Businesses

E-Conferences, E-Events Are the New Normal for Businesses

If "necessity is the mother of invention," then the coronavirus pandemic forced many around the world to rethink our daily lives -- from work to school to entertainment. In response to travel bans, school closures, and recommendations to not gather in large groups and maintain social distancing to limit the spread of the virus, many people turned to digital tools to keep some semblance of normality.

Businesses are increasingly shifting their work meetings and events online in the aftermath of the alarming spread of the COVID-19, more commonly known as novel coronavirus, to be able to operate effectively. 

Since late February, when various countries across the globe were put under lockdown, businesses started turning towards remote work modules, and now when cases detected across the world have reached millions, more and more companies are webcasting their crucial events. 

Conferences, Events Going Virtual

Many global events that were cancelled over the past few months have been shifted to virtual mode.

The first conference to cancel due to safety concerns was the Mobile World Congress, the annual gathering of electronics makers. While Google Cloud announced that coronavirus concerns prompted it to cancel its in-person annual Next ’20 conferences -- which was slated for April 6-8 in San Francisco – and decided to transform it into a virtual event called ‘Google Cloud Next ’20: Digital Connect’. Whereas, smartphone manufacturer Realme cancelled its on-ground India launch and live-streamed the event.

The 2020 Geneva Motor Show has gone the same way after cancelling the on-ground event with various companies like BMW, Mercedes Benz, Daimler and Aston Martin announcing live broadcast of their press conferences instead. While Tech Mahindra decided to postpone all internal events that required large gatherings and leveraged technologies like – Tele-Presence and Video Conferencing, they have also issued a detailed employee advisory and are undertaking various preventive measures - mobilizing a panel of doctors across locations who are educating employees, sharing information, and the dos and don’ts, etc.

While global software giant Microsoft decided to offer its critical front-line service providers with free, organization-wide use of many LogMeIn products for 3 months through the availability of Emergency Remote Work Kits. These kits included solutions for meetings and video conferencing, webinars and virtual events, IT support, and management of remote employee devices and apps, as well as remote access to devices in multiple locations.

Whereas Turiya Communications LLP, one of the pioneer communications agency of the country, has been the flag-bearer of digitization from the very beginning. From working from home to conducting virtual meetings and conferences to hosting virtual seminars such as ‘TuriyaTalks’ with renowned professionals from the field of communication – the agency has been catering to the communication needs of its clients and keeping its audience digitally informed and head even during such times of crisis.

Importance of Virtual Conferences, Events

Conferences and events are a trillion-dollar industry and have been a critical way to exchange ideas and build professional relationships. Hence, over the past few months, a significant number of meetings and conferences have been redesigned as virtual events. If adaptable, this meeting format is probably the best alternative in these challenging times. By their very nature, virtual events allow attendance irrespective of travel restrictions and facilitate the delivery of vanguard information.

Moreover, this format is perfectly compatible with event marketing and sponsorship strategies while allowing planners to be ready for any eventuality. As long as they are strategically planned using the right technologies, virtual events can even reach a wider audience than traditional live events.

Rise of Hybrid Events

Some companies are trying to bridge the gap between in-person events and virtual ones with platforms that combines video, networking, and more, to try to capture the benefits of networking at an in-person event and the content and tech of virtual tools. Such hybrid events feature a mix of live and virtual components. In this model, some people may be present at a physical location, while the audience at large attends the event remotely. 

Hybrid events have several advantages: they may attract sponsors who would not have otherwise been drawn to a live event, and if needed, they can be easily modified and turned into virtual events. However, the logistics involved in this type of event are more complex, as they require two kinds of infrastructure: physical and digital.

Wrapping Up

The coronavirus pandemic has pushed business owners to think outside the box and provide compelling alternative options to in-person meetings, conferences, and events in the interest of public safety. This push could also result in innovations for the future with how people meet and interact better virtually.

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