Difference Between Content Marketing & Paid Advertising.

Difference Between Content Marketing & Paid Advertising.

What is Content Marketing?


Content Marketing is a type of marketing approach which is strategically focused on a technique of building and disseminating important, relevant and compatible content which will attract a particular defined audience, with an aim to drive profit from the actions of the customers. The main goal of content marketing is to provide as much value as they can to their target audience. It helps in making a particular business into  a proper resource, where not only customers get to buy stuff but also it becomes the expert that provides trust and faith that all the customers need from the product or services the business provides. Content marketing is mainly used to provide information about the company or the brand’s content to their targeted market so  that whenever they need anything to know, everything is easily available to them.These are extremely vital for any digital marketing company.

 In Content Rules, Ann Handley and C.C. Chapman defines content as “anything your organization creates and shares to tell its story.”  Content marketing generally promotes the brand over the other thousands of marketing schemes and messages and becomes the main source for engagement with customers for the digital marketing agencies.

Content marketing is initially done to make the customer aware of the brand  and help them to understand it better and build their trust  and later it can result in their sales which may bring profit to them. Brands use this method with the only purpose to make a call-to-action to their customers.


Content Marketing is required mainly to inform the audience about their needs, it also provides support to the different digital marketing platforms, provides content for social media, it generates inbound links and contributes in SEO, which later helps the content to be easily available in search engines.


Benefits Of Content Marketing.



?     Content marketing mostly adds value to the brand or marketing company. Better the content, the better the market value of the brand, which eventually results in the brand to capture or rank in a better position in the market.

?     Content marketing is also extremely cost effective and therefore favours organic marketing for any marketing agencies.

?     Content marketing is a one-time investment in life, and the benefits of its information can be enjoyed forever.

?     Brand Awareness gets magnified often due to better content marketing because when contents are made on certain products and services and they are well marketed to their target audience then naturally, people who were unaware of those brands  get to know them better and obviously gains  more information which eventually leads them to buy those products from the brands sometime in the future.

?     Content Marketing adds  credibility to the brand in different ways like, because  people are generally seen to trust those brands and companies which has an existing reputation, no one trust the new one at the first but if the content of those brands are marketed in some of the renowned digital platforms, people will naturally  gain faith in that and take the risk to try it once.

?     A compounded Return On Investment  is often received through content marketing, it has been observed that brands which promoted their contents in platforms like google, facebook and twitter, captured a good market and earned well from them.


What is Paid Advertising?

Advertising which involves any kind of payment or through which some sort of payment is paid so that those advertisements get displayed to their target audience and therefore build their market is called Paid Advertisement. There is a certain process followed by marketers who use paid advertising for their brand, like the  ad space is first bought by the owner and then the price of the ad space is often settled by the marketers and the ad space owners after a proper bidding procedure. There are in total three categories of paid advertising like- Pay-Per-Click, Pay-Per-Impression and Display Ads.


Why is paid advertising important in marketing?

Paid Advertising is one the most effective ways of branding the company’s name and making people aware of the company and its services specially to the target audience, which the earned or owned advertisement can’t do even though paid advertisements are costlier than the other two forms of advertisement. Generally all kinds of paid ads are displayed on the sides, tops, or bottoms of different web pages explored by the users. To increase the traffic, it is often seen that marketers pay more so that their advertisements get featured on certain popular websites. With the growing popularity of social media networking sites, facebook and linkedin have now become the most beneficial stages for paid ads.


Benefits of Paid Advertising:


?     If one company or brand uses paid advertisements, naturally their organic research in social media gets boosted and gives a faster result.

?       Paid ads are very affordable and also helps the company to keep a measure of their profit from those paid ads.

?       Paid advertising helps companies and brands to specify their target audience and can reach them faster.

?       It also helps to gain some important insights from the audiences.

?       Paid advertising mostly helps in broadcasting the company’s messages across several media platforms which also includes social media.

How are both different?


Content marketing is all about making something very trustworthy for the target customers888 because eventually this form of marketing helps in receiving increased profits in future. On the contrary, Paid advertising is just about paying the space owner to promote the brand or company in a prime time spot so that it finds a spot in the search engine and will eventually help in generating more traffic to the company’s website.

Obviously there are both pros and cons to both content marketing and paid advertisement, both help to make diverse strategies for different brands and companies.

If you compare Paid ads with content marketing , it is mostly seen that with paid ads one can reach and take hold of the market faster than content marketing, but in the longer run, the latter will obviously be the better choice because it will generate  a better and organic boost for the brand. So lastly it can be concluded that content marketing is more beneficial over paid ads as it offers a better return on investment in the long run , which is the most crucial thing in this digital era.

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