Want to transform your podcast into a profit making content marketing tool? Here are a few tips to be kept in mind

Want to transform your podcast into a profit making content marketing tool? Here are a few tips to be kept in mind

Podcast is an audio file that is made available on the Internet for downloading on any devices like computer mobile etc. or just for listening. Podcasts are usually available in series format and subscriptions are in most cases required for listening to the new episodes that are released. Nowadays it is a common phenomenon for big companies to use podcasts as a tool for content marketing. It has become an important strategy to pull more customers towards their services by making people aware of what they provide. However if the correct strategies of promotion are not applied then podcasts are unable to reach a large audience.

   Before knowing about the strategies for promotion of a podcast isn’t it important that we know how podcasts are useful for any form of businesses-

a. Convert you into an expert of your subject- If you are able to make good podcasts and provide detailed information and correct ones then people listening will start trusting you and consider you as a guide and contact you whenever they are in need of your services. For example if you are a digital marketing agency then a good podcast of use of SEO can bring more business to you.

b. Create better bond- A voice or an audio creates better connection between the listeners and the brand than simple written messages.  If in the podcasts questions that concern your listeners are addressed then it creates a better bond with a personal touch.

c. Helps in nurturing leads- By targeting your podcasts to the services you provide pulls more business offers for your company. This helps in pulling more leads for your business. Sharing experiences with your past clients brings more leads.

d. Helps in the growth of your brand- Well-structured podcasts help extend the reach of your business.

e. It helps in boosting the SEO strategies- By creating headlines for podcasts that use the most essential keywords that match the content of your podcast, optimizing RSS feed, including the link of the podcast in your website and creating blogs, articles and PPT will increase ranking of your podcast and drive larger traffic towards your business websites.


So here are a few strategies as to how to promote your podcast so as to make your content marketing game on point

1) Use the guest’s audience for promotion- It is always a good idea to create short snippets and create posters when it comes to attracting the audience base of the guest for promoting his or her episode. It’s wise to use the guest’s followers in various social media sites like Twitter and Facebook. What we need to do is just create snippets of the podcast and share it with the guest in the link format, so that it becomes easy for the guest to share it in his/her social media pages to attract more listeners.

2) Social media to be used to its fullest- Create short snippets and use all the social media platforms possible to spread the message so that more listeners can be gathered. Update about when the episode will release, keep on updating even after the episode is released and also who is the next guest.

3) Release a bulk of episodes on day 1- In order to pull the attention of the listeners it is advisable to release 3-4 episodes when you are launching your channel for the first time. If possible then try building your audience before the launch itself.

4) Convert the podcast into a Youtube video- Using captions and transcription from Youtube, you can transform your podcast into a Youtube video, this helps a lot in SEO and is also shareable in social media.

5) Using apps like podcatchers and aggregators- It is advisable to share the podcasts to various apps like Podcatchers, Overcast, TuneIn, Sticher etc. to widen the audience base of your podcast. ITunes, Spotify also have a huge audience base.

6) Transcription- It is seen that a number of popular podcasts offer full transcripts for their episodes. Even using certain important portions of the transcript in the description or note of the show creates a great impact. Transcriptions are also useful for SEO benefits. It also helps in collecting better leads for your business.

7) Create rating parties for the first couple of weeks- The first two weeks are extremely essential for rating in order to reach the New and Noteworthy list. If various attractive giveaways or actual parties can be arranged then it creates a great impact. Publishing podcast theme blog content for some time, emailing people to inform, tweeting also attracts more listeners.

8) Running giveaway contest- In order to attract more listeners, free goodies and discounts can be of great help. Asking for review in the platforms for podcasts as a step for entering the giveaway contest is a good trick.

9) Try creating partners- By mentioning various brands in your podcast can also have a vice-versa reaction by that brand mentioning your brands name in their podcast, this will help a lot in attracting more audience. Being featured in other brands' podcasts will help a lot in pulling up a lot of leads for your business.

10) Appear as a guest on another brand’s podcast- It will help a lot if you can feature as a guest in some other person’s podcast. Not only will you earn popularity but your brand as a whole will also gain popularity and thus the chances of more business.


 Small description

Podcasts these days have become a very efficient tool for content marketing. A large number of digital marketing companies and marketing agencies are trying to adapt using podcasts so as to earn more leads for the business they are promoting. A podcast is an audio file that is available on the internet for downloading and listening on devices like computer or mobile. Podcasts are useful for business in many ways like-

a. It converts you into an expert in your subject

b. Creates better bond

c. Helps in nurturing leads

d. Helps in brand growth

e. Helps in boosting SEO strategies.

There are a number of techniques as to how to promote your podcast so that it reaches the maximum audience. They are-

1) Using the guest’s audience for promotion

2) Using social media to its fullest

3) Releasing bulk episodes on first day

4) Converting podcast into Youtube video

5) Using apps to promote the podcast

6) Transcription

7) Creating rating parties for the first two weeks.

8) Running giveaway contests

9) Trying to create partners

10) Appearing as guest on other person’s podcast

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