Influencers as a means for advertising a product.

Influencers as a means for advertising a product.

In a nutshell influencer marketing is a way to promote the products and services of a
company by joining hands with an influencer. The influencer is someone who has a large
audience encompassing geographical location, the trust of the audience, and so on. It builds
on credibility as the influencer is someone whose advice value to the target audience. It is
using to the maximum advantage of the influencer’s built community to support a particular
brand, recommending a product to increase brand awareness and drive sales. It leverages
influencer expertise, popularity, and reputation. Let’s now see some of the types of influencer
marketing for advertising a product.
Affiliated marketing and discount codes between influencers and brand
The first strategy that a particular brand and influencer put forward can be affiliated
marketing and discount codes. One simple way to explain this type of marketing or
advertising is, by taking the example of a newly launched make- up brand. The brand
contacts an influencer and the latter get affiliated with the brand. Due to this, the influencer
while making a video on youtube or an Instagram post, takes some seconds to talk about her
partnership with the brand and direct her audience to her custom URL, where they can get the
make-up of the brand for less price. Thus the brand can get more customers through the
influencer and the influencer is also sponsored by the brand. It is a win-win situation for both
Influencer hosting giveaways in association with the brand
Another way an influencer is a great means of advertising a product is when they host
giveaways on the behalf of the company or brand. To be able to do this, a particular brand has
to make the necessary budget for giving away their products to the influencer or through the
influencer. This takes place in the form of unboxing videos or unboxing Instagram stories by
the influencer. This can be a shout-out to the brand by thanking them, reviewing the gifts, or
using the gifts. Seeing their favorite influencer using that particular product, the audiences
may also buy it thus the company makes more profit at a very little cost through the
advertisement of the influencer.
To conclude there is no doubt that influencers can be a great means for the advertising of a
product but the first thing to do is to choose the right one. If an influencer is randomly chosen
to partner with a brand, even if the latter has many followers or subscribers, it will not help.
So the influencer needs to be chosen cautiously. The influencer has to be chosen in terms of
relevance. That means that whatever product, service is provided by the brand, the influencer
has to fit that niche. For example, if the company is about make-up, a make-up artist
influencer is fit to do the advertising.

The second aspect to take into consideration when choosing the right influencer is the reach
of the latter. This encompasses the number of subscribers or followers the latter has on his or
her social media platform. The more audience they have, the more profit the company will
make. Engaging the audience is yet another point to take into consideration. This is
primordial because even if the influencer has many followers and subscribers, this very
audience needs to be entertained and this is done through effective content. The last point to
take into consideration is experience. This takes into consideration the fact that it is better to
collaborate with influencers who already have work on similar projects.

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