Check Out These Five Hot Social Media Trends!

Check Out These Five Hot Social Media Trends!

Social media has managed to become an integral part of our lives in a short time. What started as a medium to stay in touch with friends and family, soon become a channel for brands and businesses to connect with their target audience through well-crafted social media strategies. However, with the rapid growth of this medium, it is constantly evolving and its trends rarely stay the same.

That is just the nature of social itself, right?

Hence, with so much happening in this fast-paced world of social media, it is easy to fall behind on the latest developments. So, whether you are a start-up or a multinational corporation, if you use platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube, and others for marketing, it is important to keep up with the latest news and trends.

Therefore, let us explore some of these latest social media features and trends that can help you to gain an edge for connecting with your customers! No matter what you are selling, you should keep them in the back of your mind as you put together your social strategy.

  1. Facebook Rooms

In April 2020, CEO Mark Zuckerberg announced this new video-calling feature ‘Messenger Rooms’ in a live stream, to make it easy for people to spend quality time with family, friends, colleagues, and others who share the same interests. He said that more than 700 million people are making calls on Messenger and WhatsApp every day. Therefore, Facebook is doubling-down on private communication and trying to help people connect in smaller groups.

The product is a more feature-rich and expanded version of the existing Facebook Messenger’s video calling function, with no limit to how long you can talk. In fact, you do not even need a Facebook account to join a room. To use this feature, all you need to do is create a room and share it through News Feed, Groups, and Events, so that it is easy for people to drop by.

Facebook is promoting this new product in its main app with a carousel of cards at the top of the screen that lists various friends’ faces and the option to “Say Hi.” Tapping any one card will give you the option to create a room with that person or message them directly on Messenger.

  1. Instagram Reels

With TikTok having security issues and facing bans in many countries, including India, Facebook is looking to compete in the market with its own short video tool -- Instagram reels.

Launched globally in August 2020, Instagram Reels is a brand new way to create fun and engaging video content from Instagram Stories. It is the newest opportunity for Instagram to bring in users, increase the amount of time people spend in the app every day, and establish itself as a video entertainment platform.

Similar to TikTok, Reels lets people create short-form videos set to music that can be shared with friends and followers and can be discovered while browsing the app. It allows people to record videos up to 15 seconds long and add popular music, as well as an array of filters and effects, over top of them. Apart from that, there are a video countdown timer, the option to adjust your video’s speed, and several handy video editing tools to explore.

  1. IGTV

While Instagram reels promise to be a popular short video platform, Instagram also has a feature for creating longer videos. Although launched a couple of years ago, IGTV is not yet used widely. This feature allows you to direct your Instagram followers to your videos. 

Any user can set up their channel and share video content that is up to an hour-long. It is up to the user or brand whether or not they want to create channel-specific content here, or if they are interested in connecting it to videos, they are already posting on Instagram.

For users, the app features an easy-to-navigate interface with various tabs including “for you,” “following," and "popular.” The search bar comes up with personalized suggestions for you. In addition, while you are using the app, you are automatically connected with existing Instagram followers who are intentionally using the app. You can also continue watching an earlier video if you had to stop, a feature which is only recently a part of people’s “TV” experience.

In short, it brings the feeling of “flipping channels on a TV” to life, without even having to deal with advertisements, but also without having the variety and versatility of YouTube.

  1. LinkedIn Live 

This feature was introduced in 2019, so it is not brand new. However, relatively few people and businesses are using it.

LinkedIn Live is the social platform’s live-streaming option. Users go through a variety of third-party streaming tools to create their content, which is then broadcasted to their LinkedIn network. It is similar to live versions of other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram in that your video content goes out in real-time and people can interact with you directly.

Before you can go live on LinkedIn, you need to apply for approval using the platform’s online form. Once you are approved, you will receive an email that will direct you toward the approved streaming platforms you can use. Choose the one that best suits your needs and sign up for an account. Then connect that service to your LinkedIn account. From there, log into your streaming tool and start your live video.

You should also be prepared to interact with viewers on LinkedIn since that is one of the main benefits of live-streaming in general. Of course, it is also a good idea to have a script or general outline so you can make sure your video content is contributing to your business’s goals on the platform.

  1. Audio Tweets

Twitter announced in June 2020 that it would begin unrolling audio tweets for iOS. Everywhere you look, voice technology is getting more popular, from voice assistants such as Alexa and Siri to voice-powered GPS. Sending out tweets from your phone will make the process much more convenient.

An important aspect of this feature is that it will allow you to squeeze more words into your tweets. Rather than a 280-character limit, you will be able to record up to 140 seconds of audio. You can say quite a bit in over two minutes. While audio tweets have not gotten much publicity yet, they are almost certainly a sneak peek into the future of social media.

Wrapping Up

As always, social media is changing.

Are you keeping up?

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