TuriyaTalks S3E6 : Tense of Mass Communication- Past Present and Future

Philip L. Graham, the co-owner of the Washington Post, once said that “Journalism is the first rough draft of history.” But what about the present and the future? To answer this question, the sixth episode of TuriyaTalks season 3 was held which started with an interactive session with Mr. Pratim Bose, Indian Columnist & Researcher, and the former Deputy Editor of The Hindu Business Line, and our co-founder Sandhya Sutodia on the topic – Tense of Mass Communication – Past, Present, and Future.

Charles Darwin had once said that “It is not the strongest or the most intelligent who will survive but those who can best manage change.” Echoing his words, Mr. Bose started the session by saying, "Traditional form of news will change eventually and we would need to adapt to the changes if we want to grow." Few years back, two-way communication had made its way in the economy with the help of digital media ensuring quick updates to provide information and even quicker feedbacks from the consumers. Whether the source of news is for a newspaper or for a television channel, the actual source of news now a days is Social Media because it is quick, instant and can be updated by anyone around the world. Mr. Bose added “Earlier in the 90’s it was difficult to gather information but now it has become difficult to find the right information.” Especially with social media becoming a major source of gathering fresh news stories, the chances of the spread of fake news has doubled up. Everyone is in a rush and hardly some people check the source of the information. An interesting fact is that in India, print media comes at a cheaper rate compared to that of a cup of tea from a roadside tea stall, and the decision has to be taken by the reader whether to be dependent on print media news or information from social media sites.

Brands like Netflix, Amazon Prime, Google might not stay on top of their game forever as technology is becoming faster day by day and everchanging. We need to keep on updating ourselves, understanding, and adapting to the recent changes happening around us in order to be "Atmanirbhar".

Mr. Bose ended the session by saying “Journalism should not be a cheap affair like the way it has become nowadays because when an institution suffers, we all suffer.”

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