Turiya Talks S8E1 | Journey and profession as a gamer and a streamer

Rony Dasgupta is a professional gamer, he currently runs his gaming channel on YouTube, where he inspires youngsters and guides them to explore the gaming world. He is very passionate about games and plays several games including BGMI, Minecraft and Valorant. Playing online games was his hobby from his childhood although he was never interested in showcasing his gaming skills to others. However, at the age of 20 when he was unemployed and had tremendous pressure from his parents to get a job, he decided to start a YouTube channel. He continued his gaming and decided to take his hobbies as his career. He states that he never stops creating videos no matter the circumstances; he had to upload the videos because by doing that he is earning in his life.

Talking about the young generation spending a fortune on the games he said that children today are so much interested in popular games like PUBG, they spend a lot of money on these games that they don’t realize that there are many games which are free. He added that someone doesn’t have to invest loads of money for playing a game, but at the same time one should understand that these games take years to get designed. There are many stages and people involved in designing the games, so if the game is not making any money then there is no point of all the hard work.

Rony shares a message to the children that if they are really interested in playing games, they should play games because recreational activities are important but don’t let games affect your studies. Dropping out of school or college, bunking tuition classes and only sitting at home and playing games for 24 hours is not healthy.

In his concluding statement he advised youngsters to focus on their studies and extracurricular activities which are also vital for their physical as well as mental health. He thanked Turiya Talks for having him; he wished immense success to Turiya Communication and hoped to see them excel more in the coming days and discuss more about games in the future.

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