Turiya Talks S8E2 | Journey from a Quiet boy to a Professional Game streamer

Mr. Anshu Bisht is a gamer, a streamer and a content creator, he currently runs his YouTube channel "GamerFleet" which is loved by many.


During the chat he talks about how the ongoing pandemic has been treating him; he mentions losing his job as a stock market trainee, due to which he had to return home. However, the situation turned out good for him due to the lockdown, as people were stuck at home in search of new ways of entertainment which significantly helped his channel to grow.

When asked about the struggles he faced while growing his channel, he says that he started his channel in 2017 without any proper gadgets and for two years he struggled for gaining viewers. In addition, he couldn't manage time to play games and stream them as he had to work full time. He also mentions how difficult it was for him to explain his passion to his parents. He had to work long hours so that he could earn some money to convince his parents to let him continue his passion.

While talking about people who quit because they don't get success easily he says that a lot of hard work and patience is necessary. Success doesn't come easily, it requires sacrifice. If you are willing and have a desire, you will achieve your goal. He added that he had a positive mindset throughout and he never thought of quitting.

Anshu plays multiple games like Pubg, Minecraft, Fall guy and so on, but when asked about one game he will never give up on, he mentions Minecraft because of the possibility of creating endless amounts of content from the game.

The chat was continued by a rapid fire round.

In his concluding statement, he applauded work done by Turiya Talks. He thanked Turiya Talks for having him; he wished immense success to Turiya Communications and hoped to see them excel more in the coming days.

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