New Age Radio | S7E1 | RJ Jackson

The first episode of Turiya Talks, season 7 had as guest, RJ Jackson Durai who is a radio jockey. He discussed about “Radio and its opportunity with the age of new media" with our host Urja Talreja, from Turiya communications LLP. The session was held on thirteenth February 2021.

“Passion will help you grow”- This is how RJ Jackson Durai summarised the topic of the day. He emphasized that even in this highly digitalized era, radio does have its place. For him, many people are still crazy about RJs and radio as a whole. He stated that radio is a one-to-one media as it helps in building a personal connection with the listener, thus the ever-growing popularity of radio.

He further gave some tips to be a good RJ based on his own experiences. He emphasized the fact that research is important. An RJ needs to observe, whether at a bus-stop, at a tea shop, or on a bus, and most importantly, the latter need to talk to people to understand what they want. This helps to connect to the community and become their best friend.

On a concluding note, RJ Jackson Durai stated that the scope in the radio industry is good but it depends on the city, the person is working in. He also emphasized the fact that in today’s scenario an RJ should also concentrate on digital platforms and the latter should keep reinventing himself or herself.

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