TuriyaTalks S3E4 with Mr. Pranav Kotak : Digital Marketing - The New Future

Traditional Marketing is telling the world that you’re a rockstar and Digital Marketing is showing you are one! The fourth episode of TuriyaTalks Season 3 started with a dynamic interaction between Mr. Pranav Kotak, who is the founder of Digital Consulting Pandit, and our co-founder Sandhya Sutodia on the topic – Digital Marketing: The New Future.

We all know that people shop and learn in a whole new way now compared to just a few years ago, so marketers need to adapt to the new techniques and technologies, otherwise they will face extinction! Digital media is currently the primary tool for businesses to reach out to a larger audience and attract them towards their brand providing deliberate results in less time. It has now become prominent and is filled with ample opportunities for marketing. In fact, the pace of job opportunities is going to increase after COVID-19, as the changing role of customers as co-producers of value is becoming increasingly important, and digital media has become a boon not only for the start-ups but for existing and new businesses as well. Mr. Kotak added - “Digital Marketing is a journey where patience plays a key role and continuing it for a long-term basis is important.”   Therefore, we need to be innovative because consumers are transforming every day and we need to catch up with their pace. As Erik Qualman said, what we do or whether we do something on digital media is not even a question but the question is how well we do it.

Google Ads play an important role in business for digital marketing. It is an efficient way to speed up the process of marketing activities and also helps businesses in capturing the market or be on top of it. On the other hand, Search Engine Optimization or SEO is a digital marketing process which starts with selecting the keywords and validating it with time for driving in more traffic to your website’s content and eventually for growing the business. If the desired result is required faster and accurate, then Google Ads are more preferred than SEOs.

In the end, Mr. Kotak added, "The main purpose of marketers is to adapt to the business environment as marketing during COVID-19 is done digitally on a primary basis and people have accepted and started spending money on services that they cannot feel, touch, see."

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