TuriyaTalks S3E3 with Dr. Rahul Jain : Lifestyle Diseases

“Keep your face to the sunshine and you cannot see a shadow”, this quote by Helen Keller speaks volume on how we are responsible for our well-being and peace of mind. In the 3rd episode of TuriyaTalks season 3, we had Dr. Rahul Jain, MBBS MD, General Medicine, Consultant Physician and Diabetologist amongst us discussing on “Lifestyle Diseases – Being fit for a better future”.

Our country is undergoing a rapid transition in health over the last few years, and the irony is that Covid-19 is actually a blessing in disguise which is making us take care of our health more attentively, as people are locked down for months in their residence. Talking about lifestyle diseases, Dr. Jain said that the incubation period of lifestyle diseases starts at a very young age when a child demands chocolate from his or her parent, which seems normal at present, but leads to diseases like diabetes, high blood pressure, and fatty liver in the future. All these are related to each other and this takes a toll on our physical health and surrounds a person, which in turn leads to heart diseases and even strokes. Lack of physical activity, insulin resistance in our body, and consumption of high-calorie food are the root causes of acquiring these diseases.

Besides, many people in our country suffer from obesity and consult different doctors for remedies and follow their prescribed instructions to stay fit and healthy, but after shedding their weight, they immediately stop following and start their high-calorie diet again which leads to future health hazards. Dr. Jain said, “Only exercising doesn’t help in reducing weight”. There are different forms of maintaining fitness and the most important is being self-motivated and reducing stress. The Indian youth is addicted to smoking and consuming alcohol which is the leading cause of liver problems, hypertension, heart attacks and even increases the chances of having strokes. He added, “We should reach out and educate the youth about the consequences of excessive drinking and smoking, which further leads to chronic diseases”. It is their decision whether to adopt a good lifestyle or to have a risky future.

Dr. Jain recommends doing yoga, brisk walking, and intake of low-calorie food for the continuation of a healthy lifestyle and avoiding aerated drinks, high-calorie snacks, smoking, and consuming alcohol regularly. By following these steps, we can lead a healthy life and minimize the risk of being affected by chronic lifestyle diseases.

Dr. Jain ended the session with the following quote, “Oh Lord!! Give me the courage to change what I can, and grant me the serenity to accept what I cannot change.”

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