Turiya Talks S7E18 | Change in Poetry With Modernisation

In this session, Mrs. Arpita Garud started with what inspires her about poetry and views to write and publish. She told us whatever you are writing stay focused and concentrated on that. She started this in school and also have a gap of 9 years in writing and she thought to document what she is writing and after that, her book got published which was named Makhmali Darhi(Beard).


They both of them give some tips about writing, first of all, Mrs. Arpita told that those who are inspiring to be writers in future must learn, indulge in its technicality, you can write by copying work from somewhere.  She also gave some advice to young entrepreneurs that manage their energy instead of time. She says if you want to be an entrepreneur, poet, or writer and willing to initiate any kind of startup, first and foremost they must know the needs and requirements of their clients and what can be done differently.


It is important to read about past famous writers which will help in improving themselves, a tip by Mr. Vishwadeep Zeest.

 Mrs. Arpita Gurad tells about her journey of how she started her company Giftwala. She tells how she manages events, and sales

In conclusion, Mrs. Arpita and Mr. Zeest gave a piece of very valuable advice that reading can make you write good content.

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