Turiya Talks S7E17 | Mindset

Mr. Amitesh Banerjee is professional with decades of experience in Marketing, Communications and Advertising. He has worked with JWT Dubai, ITC hotel in India and in New Zealand dairy board as director marketing in Sri Lanka. At present he is head of communications with Della Group.


He starts the interactive session with sharing what he believes mindset is, he defines mindset from what he have observed in years of working with different people. He also adds that as in this pandemic we are continuously faced with uncertainty and bad news, so keeping a positive mindset is very essential.

Talking about why mindset is important in communication world, he explained it with giving example of launching Red label tea as Sulemani tea in Middle-east as per Arabs mindset; he also talks about his experience in New Zealand dairy board and Bandra sea link project. Furthermore, he said that in communication business only changing mind of people is not enough. He also explained the difference between mindset mapping and perception auditing.

He said that knowing the needs and mindset of the target audience and fulfilling those needs is very necessary, he supported his statement by giving example of ice cream and Gujarati people (who are particular about their consumption of milk). He talks about knowing the mindset of Gujarati’s towards milk, promotion must be done according to their ideas which in turn will result in better production.

He also comments that mindset is not a pretense and one cannot change their mindset as it is enrooted firmly. Moreover, he addresses Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) by which one can program their brain for improvement. He also talked about the mindset difference between an entrepreneur and salaried employees. He describe an entrepreneur as a daredevil who takes risks and learn more while a salaried individual likes comfort and avoid taking any risks.

When asked about what mindset an entrepreneur should have, he graciously provided certain tips where he included that an entrepreneur should have a different outlook than others, he added that they should be willing to take dangerous steps and have to give in long hours.

Our host Sandhya Sutodia also shared the difficulties she faced as an entrepreneur and shared that the lockdown helped her and gave her an opportunity to grow her horizon.

He talks about building sustainability in mindset by continuously hammering your way in; he said you need to remind people of your existence in a fruitful manner.


In his concluding statement he advised not to slack and be a dinosaur. He thanked Turiya Talks for having him; he wished immense success to Turiya Communications and hoped to see them excel more in the coming days.

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