Turiya Talks S7E15 | online vs offline and pros and cons of working from home

Mrs. Shikha Gupta(Head - talent acquisition, HR leader, speaker, and mentor) and Mrs. Savitha  Parkash(Incubation Manager at Atal Incubation Centre – Jyothy Institute of Technology Foundation (AIC-JITF) )

talked about how online learning is very beneficial, and an interesting mode of learning for students amid the pandemic

but it has got some restrictions as well

Work from home describes work being done remotely, instead of at an office. Many organizations transitioned their employees from the office to a work from the home model during the Coronavirus global pandemic. Further, they talked about how work from home helps the people and society to work in this current pandemic situation.

For many, Coronavirus (COVID-19) put work on hold. Employees and business owners of many industries could not transition to a work from home model. For many service providers, however, Coronavirus has pushed them to utilize technology further, and address how they can efficiently and effectively continue to work and function, through digital means. Digital adoption is a key factor in determining how quickly and efficiently a company can function virtually.

They talked about many pros and cons of online work and also advised how to take the advantage of the current situation by doing work and doing online courses side by side to upskill yourself for the future.

On the concluding note, they thanked Turiya Talks to give them a good platform to talk on the topic

and wished immense success to Turiya Communication and hoped to see them excel more in the coming days.

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