About TuriyaTalks

As a communications agency, we believe in building relationships and telling stories. Turiya Talks is a platform where experienced men and women from various fields come and join our co-founder Sandhya Sutodia in an interactive session, where they share their insights and knowledge they’ve attained with years of experience. Furthermore, they address questions, doubts and throw light upon various topics that our online viewers raise during the live session.

DocTalks with TuriyaTalks E3 with Dr. Vikash Kapoor :

The third episode of Doctalks with TuriyaTalks had Dr. Vikash Kapoor, who is a Senior Consultant Orthopaedic Surgeon, and he is the Vice-Chairman Medica Superspeciality Hospital, Group Director Orthopaedics Medica Group Of Hospitals. He spoke about “how important it is to have knowledge about basic medical treatments at home and how physiotherapy helps sportsmen." with our host Ms. Sandhya Sutodia, co-founder of Turiya Communications, LLP.

DocTalks with TuriyaTalks E2 - Dr. Arjun Dasgupta & Dr. Chirajit Datta

The second episode of DocTalks with Turiya Talks which took place on January 5, 2021, had as guests Dr. Chirajit Datta, senior consultant ENT, CK Birla Hospitals and Dr. Arjun Dasgupta, consultant ENT, CMRI, Kolkata. The doctors discussed about “The impact of Covid on Ear, Nose and Throat Problems” with our host Sandhya Sutodia, Co-Founder, Turiya Communications LLP. Our health partner for the show was SastaSundar, an online pharmacy and digital platform of healthcare.