Turiyatalks with The Twins - Social Media Influence on Youngsters - S7 Ep 2

Turiyatalks with The Twins - Social Media Influence on Youngsters - S7 Ep 2

They were born and brought up in Thanjavur, a pair of popular twins enrolled in engineering colleges and later got a government job with a good salary. Later, with the change of events, he realized that life was not for him. So in 2015 he joined the media industry, a place from which he was really involved.
With good communication skills, they follow this path and join the Star Vijay network. Initially he worked for seven shows but now he is working for various shows. He examines people's ability as projected directors of shows like Bigg Boss. He believes that talent is as important as patience, passion and loyalty. As an inspirational speaker, he says that it is necessary to spread happiness and as an influencer, he believes that he should have a real and clear time.
He shared some insights about the media industry and also how it works with the audience. He believes that to get something, one needs to work hard without any hope. If a person keeps making good content, work paves the way for him and himself.
In the end, he emphasized the extended opportunities of South Indian industry and language would not be a hindrance as long as the person wanted to work. He also said that hatred and criticism is a part of the work and it depends on the person how to handle it. Most important, a person should show his ability by his behavior.

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