Turiyatalks with Pritha Dubey - Importance Of Personal Branding In Life - S8 Ep 12

Turiyatalks with Pritha Dubey - Importance Of Personal Branding In Life - S8 Ep 12

Many Leaders across the subcontinent have been coached under her supervision for emotional transformation that
leads to professional success. She is also a mentor for women entrepreneurs and runs a very successful women
entrepreneur mentorship program which is known as “The Women Entrepreneurs Academy”. Miss Pritha Dubey was awarded the Best Sales Coach 2020 Award as well as the World HRD & Coaching Congress 2020. She even created content and curated it for her brand Success Vitamin. She named it- ‘ The Success Magazine’ She starts the interactive session by telling her views on personal branding. She talks about the importance of personal branding in one's life that how this can change one way to approach people. She continues by telling how it is important in today's economy. She also talked about that why an individual needs to have a personal brand to
excel in the carrier path and profession one can be useful in. She also shared that how this pandemic had created a digital era for everyone. And because of that how this personal brand has increased in this time, also how LinkedIn and other social media handles have benefited us this time and by your actions what are the things you are adding to your brand. After the interactive session, she shares some insightful knowledge to all the young entrepreneurs and professionals that how one can build a personal brand. She also shares the keys of personal branding and with that, she mentions the strategies on personal branding. Lastly, she concluded with a positive note on Turiya Talks and Turiya Communications. She expressed her gratitude and felt elated to talk with the co-founder of Turiya Talks and Turiya Communications LLP.

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