Turiyatalks with Prof.(Dr) Mahul Brahma - How to build a brand during Covid Crisis -  S8 Ep 6

Turiyatalks with Prof.(Dr) Mahul Brahma - How to build a brand during Covid Crisis - S8 Ep 6

Prof.(Dr.) Mahul Brahma is a professor as well as the Dean of School of Media and Communication at Adamas University in Kolkata. He is a D.Litt in Luxury and Communications and a Ph.D in Economics. He is also a renowned author and aTEDx speaker. He has held senior editorial posts in many renowned media houses and has won a number of prestigious awards for his great work.


He starts the interactive session by sharing how the Covid crisis is different from all other conventional crises. He said in conventional crises the victims are outside the brand but in

Covid the victim is the brand itself. Due to Covid the economy is hit, the industry segment in which the brand works is hit; as the brand is the victim so the Covid crisis is completely

different from any other conventional crisis.


Talking about how a brand can be built he said in the present Covid crisis, the BAU(business as usual) model itself can be used as a prominent story and will receive a place in prominent media. In these troubled times if a business is beating the present trends of company shutdown, pay cuts, downsizing and working as it used to work without any difference and

even managing to provide for marginal increments such as 5% also then will be considered as a sunshine story and will work in building a brand.


He further said that experience in this current situation would be something like “We are in a crisis, the entire economy is in a crisis and during this crisis this brand is still with the stakeholders. It still has the voice of empathy.” He emphasised that a leader should always use a tenor of empathy and sensitivity; he/she should not boast about success achieved by his/her company.


Discussing about what proves that a strategy is working well, he said that it is not about hitting the individual target but even if 90% or even 80% of the target is achieved of what is expected and it is giving a boost to the overall business and the business is able to achieve its overall strategic objective that means the strategy is good to go ahead with. Whether it's a big brand or a small one, the success of a strategy depends on whether it is boosting your journey towards the expected target.

While sharing his experience about writing his book “HOW TO COMMUNICATE STRATEGICALLY IN CORPORATE WORLD” he said that in this book he had tried to

inculcate both his understanding and learning of the corporate and academia into something that could be used universally.


Sharing his views on how the media plays a very important part in brand building, he

commented that media is the most powerful brand building tool that ever existed in all of its

forms, whether print or television. Media through its sunshine stories makes the most credible third party talking about any brand which makes it so important and powerful.


He also spoke about how even when he was a corporate person he used to conduct sessions in IIMs and IITs, which gave him an experience in teaching that he is applying working as Dean of School of Media and Communication in Adamas University.


Finally he concluded by remarking that Turiya Communications is very agile, very dynamic and has a knack of understanding the needs of the market as well as its clients and this makes that synergy of what is required by the brand and what they provide.

Commenting on Turiya Talks Dr. Brahma praised Turiya Talks for their content and said that it is a good platform in terms of exchanging ideas from different fields of work. He thanked Turiya Talks for having him and wished immense success to Turiya Communications and hoped to see them excel more in the coming days.

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