Turiyatalks with Ms. Anuradha Paudwal - Life as a Musician and a Philanthropist - S8 Ep 11

Turiyatalks with Ms. Anuradha Paudwal - Life as a Musician and a Philanthropist - S8 Ep 11

She starts the interactive session by recounting her early memories of singing and the age at
which she began. She also talks about the hardships and challenges she had to face at the
beginning of her singing career. Moreover, she discusses the presence of politics and favoritism
in the music industry.
Mrs. Paudwal shares who her favorite singers are at present and which singers she idolized as
a child. She gives her views on modern day music and discusses which generation of music,
according to her, is the best for every situation.
Furthermore, she shares her valuable advice with the aspiring musicians and producers in our
audience, who are looking to make a breakthrough in the music industry.
Mrs. Paudwal also talks to us about her current fundraising campaigns for schools in
Maharashtra. These schools were severely affected by a recent cyclone in the state, and also
the ongoing Covid pandemic. She shared what measures people can take to help this cause
and how they can donate.
She further spoke on how she feels about the current healthcare scenario in India. She
elaborates on the access and affordability of healthcare for underprivileged communities in
As one of the most talented singers in Bollywood herself, she describes what it takes to be a
good singer. She clarifies whether the ability to sing well is an inherent gift or an outcome of
hard work and dedication. Furthermore, she narrates her experience of winning the Padma Shri
Award and receiving it from former president, Pranab Mukherjee. She tells us what she feels
about this experience and whether it’s the greatest accomplishment in her career.
In conclusion, she shared a few words about her experience as a guest on Turiya Talks. She
expressed her appreciation for having her and gave best wishes to Turiya Talks and wished
immense success to Turiya Communications and hoped to see them excel more in the coming

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