Turiyatalks  with Mrs. Nidhi Sinha Sharma - Beauty Mantra - S8 Ep 3

Turiyatalks with Mrs. Nidhi Sinha Sharma - Beauty Mantra - S8 Ep 3

Mrs. Nidhi Sharma started her career as a journalist and worked for more than 15 years in the field. She is the real face and backbone of the Youtube Channel “Beauty Mantra” which has been sharing makeup, beauty, yoga and health tips to the audience since March 2012.


Mrs. Nidhi Sharma discussed and provided tips for budding youtubers. She suggested the aspiring youtubers to know where their interest lies in and follow their heart. She also advised them to maintain regularity in their channel to be a successful youtuber and gain an audience in an organic manner without losing or giving up hope. She advised the budding youtubers to choose a language as their medium which has a larger subscriber base, for example Hindi or Hinglish. One can also go for the language they themselves are comfortable with and also based upon the target audience.


On being asked how important is meditation for someone’s physical and mental health during this pandemic times, she explains that 15-20 mins meditation daily is very helpful for the human mind and improves one's efficiency and time management skills as well. She also asked parents to encourage their children to practice yoga for mental peace for the growing aggressive nature of children due to the pandemic.


She suggested the mothers to make a “me-time” for themselves to meditate, so that they can maintain a healthy lifestyle. On being asked for a few tips for soon-to-be moms she advised them to keep up meditating and maintain a healthy diet that should suit both mom and the baby.


She provided a few skincare tips and showed some easy face yoga one can practice everyday.


On a concluding note, Mrs Nidhi praised Turiya Talks for their content and suggested they provide regular content as the audience loves the talk show. She thanked Turiya Talks for having her; she wished immense success to Turiya Communications and hoped to see them excel more in the coming days.

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