Turiyatalks with Loretta McNary - The interaction started about the working journey of Mcnary Network - S8 Ep 11

Turiyatalks with Loretta McNary - The interaction started about the working journey of Mcnary Network - S8 Ep 11

Loretta Mcnary is famous for conversation with celebrities ,medical experts, atheletes, fashionistas best selling authors or even with unsung heroes ,she always tries to bring a blend of high energy , fun , sophistication and realness to tv talk.

As we all know , she is a mother of five sons , but on the other hand being a single mother it’s very much difficult to reach this global platform, She also mention that don’t let society feel bad about the situation. She also mention in her conversation that if she can reach this position by hardworking then anyone can reach their by motivating the viewers…


“Nothing comes easily, until or unless you have the determination to reach for the success”. But as his one of the son died , she wanted to quit …But , on the other hand , she used to get motivation  from others , so this is the plus point  where she didn’t quit, and it  helps her  to became the inspiration for next steps .

As she is the global media personality for 18 consecutive years, but industry has taught her many things . Like –“she advised that do not wait for others , to pull you up”. We, should pull ourselves up.” She also gave some tips to the women entrepreneur also.  She also believes unless you fails in your life , you won’t learnt anything …By putting famous quote “ The only time failure comes before success is in the dictionary .” So failure is the key towards success ..

She stated  for women entrepreneurs that everyone has their talents, to inspire others, so don’t compare the worst day with somebody else best day , their will be sometimes male dominating things  ,but do not quit .She ,also mentioned learning from them will help you to grow , but don’t copy them…Be the best in your own way and learn from them.

As we know, this Covid changed everything. She preferred traditional medium the most , but work into social media.  During the pandemic  she started with innovative things like fb live , and also launched global streaming like apple apps, android apps ,etc .But , the pandemic couldn’t stop her. She also add context to that “Pandemic won’t change anything , opportunities will be the same , just we need to find a way  to find a success .”

Lastly , the show concluded by a positive note on TuriyaTalks and Turiya Communication .She expressed the gratitude and feels excitement to talk with the co-founder of TT and TC on one and one conversation.

For the media industry she gave a short message by asking the masses to create…!Not to waste time in a dreaming world , and to  sit idle…We all are creators , so find talents ,which we are good at and go with the flow..


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