Turiyatalks  with Chandreyi Mitra, Astha Bhargava, Vayjayanti Pugalia, Prachi Rathi, Shradha Mohta, Neha Hathiramani,Kumkum Mukherjee and Agnimitra Paul - Women empowerment or Women Dominance - S8 Ep 9

Turiyatalks with Chandreyi Mitra, Astha Bhargava, Vayjayanti Pugalia, Prachi Rathi, Shradha Mohta, Neha Hathiramani,Kumkum Mukherjee and Agnimitra Paul - Women empowerment or Women Dominance - S8 Ep 9

The discussion ensues with the opening address by the President of WICCI– Vayjayanti Pugalia. She introduced Act 1 of the debate and its speakers, Chandreyi Mitra and Astha Bhargava, for and against the motion- Is seeking divorce, over a “mere slap” is righteous or stubborn? respectively. “In the effort to save a marriage one cannot compromise with one's self esteem because the basic concept of a healthy marriage is that between two individuals mutually respecting the self esteem of the other as equal.” Chandreyi Mitra states to support her statement for the motion. 

The debate moves forward to Act 2, the thought in question for this act is: How morally is it correct to use self-pity for political maturity? The speakers for this segment are Vayjayanti Pugalia herself and Prachi Rathi. As standing for the motion, Vayjayanti states “In case of victims of abuse, women can turn the tables if they keep a strong mental health in place!” Prachi contradicts by saying, “Politicians are there for the people, by the people. They are elected to be able to see through the problems of people and not vice versa.”

The debate moves forward to Act 3, the topic being: Is revenge okay? How much is “too much”? The participants in this segment are- Shradha Mohta and Neha Hathiraman. Shradha Mohta adds, “When a woman finds injustice happening to her and someone taking her for granted and ruining her life and if vengeance is the answer, be it. I believe it is our right to do life with dignity.” To oppose the motion, Neha Hathiramani states, “We equate revenge with seeking justice! There is a very thin line of difference between the two.”

The debate comes to the final act– Act 4, welcoming the speakers, Neha Hathiramani and Prof. Kumkum Mukherjee, on the topic- Is empathetic femininity important or the Corporate career? Dr Kumkum Mukherjee wonderfully asserts, “Today's women are establishing themselves beyond doubt in all walks of life including the corporate world, a typical male bastion, shattering the proverbial glass ceiling in the process!”

As the final segment unravels, it's time for the most awaited discussion– a conversation between Mrs. Agnimitra Paul and Ms. Sandhya Sutodia, co-founder of Turiya Communications LLP and President of WICCI West Bengal Life Skills Council– Vayjayanti Pugalia.
Mrs Agnimitra Paul is a Member of West Bengal Legislative Assembly, President of West Bengal Unit of BJP Mahila Morcha, a very talented fashion designer and multi-awarded celebrity. Mrs. Agnimitra Paul took part and initiated several projects that benefited the poor villagers of Sundarban, the senior citizens, the orphans and many other weak , poor or distressed members of our society. 

The discussion begins with Mrs. Paul’s reflection on the four debates that deliberated over Women Empowerment or Women Dominance. She says that the topics chosen were very pertinent in today’s time. She wonderfully states, “All dominant women are empowered, but all empowered women are not dominant”.

Further, she was asked why words like “aggressive”, “authoritative” are attached to women empowerment while discussing it. She answers that our society, yet today, is not comfortable with the image of dominant women, despite the presence of an elder matriarch like grandmothers, or great-grandmothers in many families playing a dominant role. 

On being asked to share her experiences on being associated with an organisation working for women empowerment she replies that as the president of West Bengal wing of BJP Mahila Morcha, she and her team worked with & for women at the very grassroot level. They have started a program UMA which aims at training martial arts to women to combat against the rising rape cases and crime against women in India. 

“Women don't need to find their voices, they need to be empowered”, with this note, Mrs. Agnimitra Paul was asked to share her opinion about WICCI and its achievements. She praised WICCI for working to inspire young entrepreneurs. 

 On asking about her opinion about women in the media, does matters put up by women in the field of media. She supports the statement by adding women being more emotional and rational to men, their approach to the news or information is quite different so is their portrayal of the facts to others. “Women are always there to adjust and balance life”, she asserts. She finally adds that women have proved time and again that they are not weaker in any way than men. 

Mrs. Agnimita congratulated Ms. Sandhya Sutodia, for successfully carrying her company to such great heights in just one year span. Addressing the women audience Mrs. Agnimitra said that nothing is impossible in life. Manjula Jain, the eastern zone head of WICCI, puts forward a question, ``Can a woman be empowered without the support of her family?” Mrs Agnimitra agrees it is possible, but when empowerment is with family’s support, it makes them happier. Not only women, men as well feel happier when they succeed in life along with family’s support.

You can remain empowered without being dominant. Dominance is good until it turns autocratic. 

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