Turiyatalks S8E7 with Anees Mondal and Arunabha Saha - Journey of the Hardcore Foodie Duo - S8 Ep 7

Turiyatalks S8E7 with Anees Mondal and Arunabha Saha - Journey of the Hardcore Foodie Duo - S8 Ep 7

Anees Mondal and Arunabha Saha both own the Instagram as well as Facebook page by the name “Foodcores”. They also own a facebook group by the name- “Hardfoodcore”. They are food bloggers as well as influencers. Not only that, they also have completed their B.Sc as well as M.Sc in Zoology and are presently preparing for competitive exams.


They started the interactive session by sharing what led them to start the foodcore page. They said that before the pandemic and lockdowns whenever they visited restaurants, they used to click pictures and upload them in their whatsapp stories and personal Instagram and facebook profiles. Seeing how creative they are and how much potential they have, one of their friends inspired them and pushed them to have an online presence in social media so they decided to start a page. In the beginning the name of their page was ‘foodmode’ which they later changed into ‘foodcores’.


Talking about what makes their page stand out from the rest, they stated that other pages follow a particular theme such as restaurant visits, focussing on culinary experiences or portraying their photography skills and food presentations but for them their USP is ‘versatility and diversity’. Not only do they focus on restaurant visits but also brand collaboration, homemade food and many more. Posts of healthy food are also available on their page for health conscious people especially during the pandemic. Sharing their experience of restaurant visits they mentioned that they have completed visiting more than 200 restaurants in Kolkata.

Speaking about posting during the lockdown they said that they have mostly focused on homemade dishes. They also used old pictures that were in their galleries as their backup, as they planned ahead for 6 months in advance to avoid any problems.


Discussing the difficulties faced by them in the initial days they mentioned that in the beginning they did not have any idea about the reach and followers of Instagram. They used to focus only on what they wanted to portray to the audience as ‘Food’ has been their main priority. They never complicated anything and preferred keeping it simple.


They further spoke about their desire to collaborate with big brands such as ITC and Domino’s pizza. Furthermore, he suggested which restaurant to visit atleast once- they mentioned names like Dada Boudir Biriyani in Barrackpore, Arsalan, Oudh, Sufi Palace, Momo I am and Canteen by Asia House.

Moreover, they shared a few tips for upcoming food bloggers such as never to complicate anything and keep posting in accordance with the algorithms of Instagram like-

  Posting on a regular basis as Instagram keeps a check on the regularity of posting and helps with reach.

  Trying to learn from others but to never imitate them

  Giving the personal touch and posting what one loves to post.


The chat was continued by a Rapid Fire Round; In this segment both Anees and Arunabha preferred Indian to Chinese, Buffet to sit down, Wine to Beer and Chai to Coffee but had different opinions regarding spicy or sweet.


Finally, talking about the initiatives taken by Turiya Talks they mentioned that this platform is doing a great job as it's giving the opportunity to many to express themselves. They said it was a great experience for them and they wish to participate in more such fun sessions in future. They thanked Turiya Talks for having them. They wished immense success to Turiya Communications and hoped to see them excel more in the coming days.

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