Turiya Communications LLP– The Best Marketing and PR Agency in Mumbai

With the advent of online marketing, businesses across the globe have found a more precise way to reach out to their customer bases. This has not only made them more proficient but also helped them analyze the tastes of their customers. But there’s more to a digital marketing company than just offering its services. Online promotions do bring in higher sales and revenue. But fostering relationships assures long-term profit and better ROI.  

We are a Public Relations & Digital Marketing Agency that helps you to increase your business topline and bottomline by helping you to strengthen your brand among your stakeholders.

We provide a great consultancy that you require to grow your business.  So, if you are looking for an effective Digital Agency in Mumbai, hire us, the best Public Relations agency to get visibility among your target audience.


  • It can be said that Mumbai has some of the best digital marketing agencies compared to all states in India.

  • New Digital Marketing Agencies in Mumbai keep cropping up due to the popularity of digital marketing in the city. The number of agencies are so huge that you will see names being repeated.

  • The long tail of agencies keeps on getting longer and doesn’t cease even though there are many agencies that shut downs within 6-12 months after commencing their operation.

We, at Turiya Communications LLP, believe in telling the stories of our clients that transcends needs and helps gain the trust of the customers. Investing in digital marketing facilities is yielding better results for the businesses than using traditional marketing techniques and we are here to boost your business using that. 

Turiya Communications LLP- The Right Choice for Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai 

The demand for digital marketing is rapidly growing in India as well as the digital marketing agencies and Mumbai happens to be the number one city in India in the growth of digital marketing agencies. Digital marketing is a boon for the brands and if you too want your brand to have an online presence and make the proper use of it, Turiya Communications LLP is one of the best Digital Marketing Agencies in Mumbai for the job. Our digital marketing services include:

Social Media Marketing- Our social media experts carry out campaigns across all social media platforms i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Youtube, Pinterest and more, to bring you higher brand awareness and website traffic. Be it engaging content, more followers and word-of-mouth spread, we ensure you all of them. 

Content Marketing- Research has proven that the more people read your content, the more likely they are to hire your services. Our content writers are trained to develop unique engaging content to grasp the mind and hearts of the readers and convert them into customers. Our marketing strategies are tailor-made to assess your persona and tastes as a buyer. Once the content is published and spread across the social media platforms, like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and more. We will send you a report at the end of every month to break down their metrics, like website traffic, time-on-site and others. 

Email marketing- At Turiya Communications LLP - we offer engaging newsletters that help you to stay at the top of the mind of your customers. Here’s what we do:

  • Determine the best audience for targeting 

  • Strategize your email list, and develop lead magnets

  • Implement website CTAs to promote the lead magnets

  • Advertise the lead magnets on social media and search engines for more subscribers

  • Implement email marketing software for receiving leads and sending emails.

  • Design newsletters customized for your business that will make use of the best practices for more open rates, conversions, and click-through rates.

  • Carry out routine list maintenance by monitoring contacts’ engagement to make sure that your email list has no unengaged customers

We also offer bulk SMS marketing that allows you to reach directly to your customers’ mobiles. From campaigning to reporting, we are one of the best Marketing Agencies in Mumbai that offers cost-effective 360-degree digital marketing services.


  • Digital Marketing is much more cost effective in comparison to the traditional technique.

  •  Provides huge returns on investments whether you opt for email marketing or any others

  • Success is easy to gauge by using tools like Email marketing software, Google Analytics, Google AdWords manager.

  • It is easy to invest more on productive ads and adjust or stop investments on useless ones.

  • A good website, a useful blog and an interactive social media channel can be used if Digital Marketing is done for any company.

  • When a new campaign gets launched then it is easy to share using this service.

  • A global reach is possible for any brand opting for Digital Marketing.

  • Genuine target audience can be reached without much hassle.

  • It becomes much easier to connect to customers knowing their specific likes and dislikes by using segmentation.

  • An interactive website will pull more customers thus bringing more engagement.

WHY Choose Us?

  • We prepare you to face the media in all formats to build up your brand recognition and work with each client exclusively, offering ideas and innovations tailored for their intended perception. 

  • Our Public Relation team is very timely and precise in their work. They support the clients to develop communication strategies for their business after doing a thorough research on the corporation and analysing it, 

  • So that they can get a better understanding and knowledge of their business, with the aim to create a top-of-mind recall among the target audience for their business or company.

  • Whether it is to launch a new product, defend or repositioning of products, influencing specific targets or building interest in a product category, we have always been there beside the company to implement it successfully.

Looking for a Corporate Communications and PR Agency in Mumbai - Turiya Communications is right here for you

Our extensive services for major businesses and corporations make us one of the best agencies of corporate communications and PR in Mumbai. We specialize in consistent services across multiple platforms that enable us to execute the perfect pitch on behalf of our clients to their customers. From newsletters to direct mails to speech drafts to conferences to social media content and much more, we offer all corporate communication services. This is what makes us one of the best PR agencies if not the best PR agency in Mumbai.

Be it increasing profits and brand credibility, managing reputation, promoting brand values, or enhancing online presence, we do all it takes to make your business one of its kind to your customer base. Our modern tools and methods allow us to overcome obstacles and give you your desired ROI in the least time. 

Our PR functions include:

  • Educating our clients about branding and communication strategies that includes exclusive media briefs, where we discuss the dos and don’ts with the media based on each client\'s specific needs and ideas.

  • Provide timely information about our clients to the media and ensure that it reaches them in the right manner.

  • Hone the messages of our clients into a media-suitable format based on their specific requirements e.g. News Releases, Backgrounders, Bio Profiles, Fact Sheets, Annual Reports,  Company Newsletters and more.

  • Plan, promote and publicize events, manage relations with sponsors, celebrity promotions and more.

  • Carry out perception audits to help understand what your customers think about your company, be it positive, negative or indifferent.

  • Offer expertise to take care of unanticipated situations including planning, team formation, prevention management, responses to media and recovery management.

Life in Mumbai is extremely fast, where missing a single chance can lead to huge losses. But working with us will only benefit you because we turn every single lead to good opportunities. We will provide your brand with the best PR strategies that will be of great help to build pleasant relations with the media and this would in turn reciprocate into good customer relations and widen the customer base. Turiya Communications LLP has a number of experiences in serving as a PR agency as well as digital marketing agency in Mumbai, Bangalore, Kolkata and Delhi to name a few cities.