TuriyaTalks S5E7 : The Digital Passion Economy

TuriyaTalks S5E7 : The Digital Passion Economy

Thank you Dainik Vishwamitra for publishing the 7th session of TuriyaTalks in your esteemed daily. Our guest Mr. Aritra Sarkar, founder of the digital platform- MeVero, shared his views on the session “The Digital Passion Economy”. Mr. Sarkar is an alumnus of New York University and has worked with reputed publications such as Wall Street Journal and ABP. He stated how he faced difficulties in the initial phases to put his idea of his startup into action.

“Most people in the world today do not really follow their passion because they're not confident on the aspect of making a living out of it ” Mr. Sarkar affirmed. He decided to addess this issue with his app MeVero. MeVero is a digital platform where an individual can find knowledge, resources and connections for the pursuit of their passion themselves. The feature that differentiates MeVero from other social media app is the feature to connect with potential enablers. The app not only allows users to connect with other individuals with similar passion but also provides connections and resources that will help them to progress in their career. Later,he provided his views on the print media in the current pandemic and also discussed the need to go digital for every business.
He concluded with his perspective on the advantages of globalisation and its contribution towards connecting, individuals with similar interests.

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