TuriyaTalks S4E10 : Lifestyle During the Pandemic Distress

TuriyaTalks S4E10 : Lifestyle During the Pandemic Distress

Thank you Dainik Vishwamitra, India's oldest Hindi daily, for publishing the crux of TuriyaTalks S4E10 in your esteemed daily. Our guest Miss Rudrita Chatterjee and Priyanjana Roy, shared their insights highlighting on the topic "Lifestyle During the Pandemic Distress ", where they spoke about their journey from stating a blog to becoming a social media influencer. Where Miss Rudrita says that she loved writing from her school days and that is why she was attracted to blog writing. Where as Miss Priyanjana starts her career with the DIY blog and later blogs about fashion, beauty and travel. Miss Priyanjana also says that it is very difficult to stay positive during this challenging time, but we should use this time to build good habits and quite bad habits. On the other hand, Miss Rudrita says focusing on her audience, that we should start yoga while adopting our old India. She also acknowledges that it is very important to drink the right amount of water to be healthy in this time.

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