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Here Is How the Word ‘Turiya’ Is Related To All Our Services

By Saikat Roy, Manager – Marketing & Creatives

Over the past few months, Turiya Communications LLP has received a lot of encouragement and appreciation from people from all walks of life such as communications specialists, entrepreneurs, health experts, lawyers, professors and CEOs among others. However, there has been one consistent question asked by most of our stakeholders: “What is Turiya”? “What does Turiya mean”? “What is the rationale behind this name”? So, in this blog, we are going to address this question in TURIYA STATE of consciousness and try to answer it in the most comprehensive way.

Turiya Communications LLP – the brainchild of our co-founder Sandhya Sutodia has been doing wonders since it was formed in December, 2019. A full three months of blood, sweat and tears have resulted in numerous accomplishments, along with some minor setbacks; but overall, the story so far is none-the-less worthy of a ballad or a song about how a team of communication experts came together and is striving to transform the communication landscape bit by bit, inch by inch.

What is Turiya?

Let us first understand the meaning of the word ‘Turiya’. Have you seen the dot on top of the crescent in the symbol ‘Om’? That particular dot signifies the infinite or highest state of consciousness — ‘Turiya’. Great religious leaders such as Buddha or Vyasa or contemporaries such as Osho have also been great speakers, who have forever changed the course of history with their words. They all had one thing in common: they spoke in their turiya consciousness — the highest state of consciousness.

As a communications agency, we derive our power of communication from the turiya state of consciousness and aim to meet the communication needs of our clients with the highest possible standards, using a combination of various communication strategies and creative marketing tools. Furthermore, we believe in building relationships and telling stories in the traditional and online space deploying simplified communication tools.

Our main aim is to deliver simplified communication using next-generation tools and strategies for faster growth. Nevertheless, simplified communication is not just words. It comes from a clear thought process, which is possible to achieve only in the turiya state of consciousness. This has been the inspiration behind our communications agency.

Apart from delivering perfect communication to our clients, we also practice it within our organisation, to avoid all sorts of communication gaps. In fact, at Turiya Communications LLP, we believe that no organisation can function without ‘perfect communication’ because of the following reasons:

1. Perfect Communication Helps To Conduct Strategic Business Planning

Effective communication helps in generating new business ideas and plans. At Turiya Communications, we conduct regular meetings to share new ideas, develop new campaigns and methods to reduce costs, increase profitability, and business development.

However, it happens only when the team members have effective listening skills and are open to feedback and suggestions. It also increases the confidence of the members and hence, effective communication is important in any organisation. It is not only important for the employees so that they can present the idea clearly and confidently but communication skills also help leaders to listen and understand what others think about their business plans and ideas.

2. Perfect Communication Helps To Manage People And Sources

Effective communication helps team leaders and business owners to manage their team and resources effectively. The goal of management is to increase the productivity of each team member and at the same time reduce the wastage of resources. However, to achieve this goal they have to be effective in their communication skills.

For example, at Turiya Communications, if any new employee is not feeling confident in the office and not getting the ideas on how to start, then the rest of the team members communicate with that person and discuss certain methods, stories, goals, and tips, to boost the morale of the person. The overall goal is to increase the confidence of the person at work. However, this is not possible, without effective communication.

3. Perfect Communication Helps To Promote Business

If you want to build the presence of your business online or want to promote it locally or globally, you need marketing skills as well as communication skills. What and how you communicate about your profession and business, matters the most when you are introducing yourself to your potential clients.

Your style of presentation, communication, vocabulary, body language, and listening skills make it possible to spread a positive impact on your business in front of other people. At Turiya Communications LLP, everything that we do in marketing–from blog posts to social media posts, search engine ads to display ads, radio ads to TV ads – everything meets the criteria of effective communication.

4. Communication Skills Enhance The Innovative Capabilities

When a team member communicates with each other with respect then it induces the sense of friendship. This friendship between different experts, departments, leaders will build a learning and knowledge-sharing environment and increase the capacity of working hard.

For example, at Turiya Communications LLP, when designers and copywriters work like friends and respect each other’s skills and point of view, it leads to new and innovative ideas and brilliant communications strategies. Another example is that in our communications agency, there are two founders with different knowledge and expertise and experience. They communicate respectfully with each other and share their knowledge of respective fields, which has resulted in the successful running of the start-up.

Hence, perfect communication enhances productivity in teams, builds a positive and enjoyable environment for work and produces new inventions and innovative capabilities of organisations.

5. Perfect Communication Helps To Engage, Retain, And Attract New And Old Team Members

Last but not the least, effective communication inspires people to work with focus to achieve organisational goals. It helps to build long-term work partnerships with clients and team members. When managers and leaders behave respectfully with the teams and the clients, it converts small teams of people into bigger teams, small companies into bigger companies.

For example, at Turiya Communications we understand the strategic needs of our clients and team members and take the necessary actions after thorough deliberations. This is only possible with effective communication.

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