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Gestalt’s Principles in Marketing and Advertising

Introduction: Gestalt psychology is a visual perception theory developed by a German psychologist in 1920. It tries to explain how our minds make chaotic images within seconds. It’s a visual communication design, which generally relates to design projects with specific objectives. Gestalt has five principles that

How to leverage Pinterest to make sales

Are you currently using Pinterest for business? If not, then it might be time to put some thought into it. With over 250 million active monthly users and 175 billion pins, this social media platform is an often-untapped marketplace that is bursting with potential moneymaking

The Art of Storytelling in Business

Every time I am reminded of corporate storytelling, there’s one name that always comes to my mind. I have read his story a hundred times, and re-read it about another hundred. From Milan to Seattle, with love and coffee. A twenty-nine-year-old American professional, executive director

Marketing in the time of COVID-19

Over the past 2 months, humanity has gone through an unprecedented crisis of our lifetimes that has resulted in altering human behaviour, attitudes and way of life. The familiar customer pattern and know customer segment are now things of the past. People have become aware

‘Webinars’ Are Giving Anand Mahindra A Tough Time, But We Think They are The Need-of-the-hour

At a time when the coronavirus pandemic has gripped the world and most businesses have switched to work from home, the popularity of seminars and other virtual events have seemingly increased. With businesses increasingly adopting digital collaboration tools such as MS Teams, GoToWebinar, Zoom, and

Here is How Facebook Shops Will Help Small Businesses To Sell Online

As the world continues to grapple with COVID-19, the economic consequences of the pandemic have been tyrannical during such times of crisis. Unemployment rates have skyrocketed as businesses are forced to shutter their doors for the sake of public health. The uncertainty is highly concerning,

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